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Eight-core AMD is cheaper than an Intel Celeron

Eight-core AMD is cheaper than an Intel Celeron

The final punch from the Ryzen 1000 series has started, and then offspring can come.

Eight-core AMD is cheaper than an Intel Celeron 1


TechSpot reported a rather pleasant phenomenon today: the portal observed that first-generation Ryzen processors have become even cheaper. The reason is simple, the soon-to-arrive Ryzen 3000 will finally put the first Zen-based product line on the parking lot, so stores will presumably want to get rid of the latest copies now. One of the best buys is the six - core Ryzen 5 1600, which features Amazon and Newegg It is now available for $ 119 - 69 greenbacks less than the original MSRP. THE Micro Center it went even further, the site asks for only $ 79,99 (about 23 forints) for this well-tailored CPU, which will be able to serve most user needs for many years to come! The second-generation Ryzen 000 5 is also a good buy, and the slightly more expensive Ryzen 2600 5X is not a bad deal either, but we can expect really overwhelming prices on previous models.

Looking at the domestic market, for the time being, we can say that the mills are grinding slowly, some movement can already be detected; The quad-core AMD Ryzen 20 490 (with Wraith Stealth cooler) is available in one of the largest Hungarian webshops for HUF 3, while the INTEL Celeron G1200 is priced at HUF 4920 in the same place - and the FX-20 mentioned in the title is HUF 890. 

Anyone who wants to pull in the new Ryzen anyway will have to wait at least until the end of May, when the fresh series will probably be announced.


Eight-core AMD is cheaper than an Intel Celeron 2

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