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Hungary's elite programmers competed at NNG

The NNG C ++ Grand Prix programming competition ended with a huge battle on December 7 at the software development company's headquarters in Budapest.

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Starting at the qualifiers, eight teams of students and six seniors out of a total of about three hundred coders made it to the finals to finally test their skills on a puzzle created by NNG programmers. 

This year, out of 288 teams of 96 entrants, 42 people ended up after the pre-qualifiers, for a total of 14 teams. Eight students and six senior teams competed in the finals to find out which one is the best in the world of computer algorithms. In a huge fight, the client, written by the youngest Calmare team, finally triumphed in the C ++ Grand Prix programming competition.

In the final, members of Calmare, who put 13 other teams behind them, were also eligible to attend the 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Second place went to the worm, also made up of juniors, for which NNG offered a special ergonomic chair to Hermann Miller Celle, and third place went to the 0b11umvirate, also made up of university students, whose members received Leap MotionTM Controllers. The special prize for the best senior team provided by Red Bull, three 2014 Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix entries were won by members of We are Laser Focused.

Hungary's elite programmers competed at NNG 1

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