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LANPWR 800W Solar Power Plant for your balcony

LANPWR 800W Solar Power Plant for your balcony

I have no idea if it can be used, we can buy it just in case.

The LANPWR 800W Balcony Solar Power Plant is an innovative and environmentally friendly solution for home energy supply. This system has four 200W flexible solar panels that together provide 800W of power. The solar panels are light, weighing only 3,55 kg each, and their compact size of 149 x 72 x 0,25 cm allows them to be flexibly placed in different places, such as balcony railings, facades or garden fences.

Solar panels are easy and quick to install, do not require tools, and can be fixed using cable ties, for example on the balcony or wall. The system is of the "plug-and-play" type, which means that it can be easily connected to a standard outlet. The system also includes an 800 W solar micro inverter, which has the type designation "GT-800". This inverter is of outstanding quality and reliability with a CEC weighted efficiency of 92,50%, which contributes to the long-term operation of the power plant with higher efficiency.

The flexible solar panels are made with monocrystalline technology, with a glass fiber and polycarbonate surface, which increases the durability of the panels. The waterproof design allows them to be used in all weather conditions. Each panel has a power of 200 W, but is only 0,25 cm thick and weighs 3,55 kg, which makes it easy to transport and install.

The LANPWR 800W Balcony Solar Power Plant is an ideal solution for those who want to install a solar system in a small area, such as a balcony. The system enables energy-efficient and environmentally friendly electricity generation, reducing electricity bills and carbon dioxide emissions.

As you can see, this is a power generator that can be used with a typical socket, as far as I remember, this is not yet allowed here, so check if you can use it. You can buy it if you want, a 86QPZIDW with a coupon code, you can get it from the EU warehouse for HUF 214 by clicking on the link below:


LANPWR 800W Balcony Solar Power Plant

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