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G.Skill offers a pre-age pace

G.Skill offers a pre-age pace

How fast is your current memory? 1600 MHz? 2133 MHz? No matter, it could still be good for a keychain.

G.Skill offers a pre-age pace

The new G.Skill Trident Z RGB memory package comes in 16 GB (2 × 8 GB), but more interestingly, its operating frequency is insane, up to exactly 4700 MHz - all optimally CL 19- 19-19-39 with timing. To get the brutal speed out of luck with the big dose (there is currently no motherboard and processor that would offer official support) we will need 1,45 V, which is not exactly idle at the DDR4 level. If, despite the difficulties, everything has come together, then with the right software, we can also customize the RGB LED lighting, so then we can really amaze the good people.

Memory makes getting started somewhat easier with Intel XMP 2.0 support, with G.Skill conducting the technical demonstration with the MSI Z370I Pro Carbon AC mini-ITX motherboard and Core i7 8700K processor. The board was an interesting choice anyway, because of its size, it only has two sockets on it, so the memories are, by definition, placed next to each other - not the best for cooling. It is possible that Trident Z RGB is specifically optimized for such motherboards, in the absence of a QVL (Qualified Vendors List) this cannot be said.

g.skill trident z rgb ddr4 01Awesome pace.

For a moment, it’s exciting to think about what AMD’s Raven Ridge APU graphics processor would be capable of with such support; in two-channel mode, the available bandwidth is almost ideal.

The 16GB memory pack will be available in the second quarter, we can’t say the price yet.

Source:, G.Skill

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