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We tried what a $ 10 backpack can do

We tried what a $ 10 backpack can do

You will easily find better than this, but it will be hard to find cheaper!

gocomma backpack 8

Slowly, we will have so many backpacks at home that we can make a complete move with them in a circle, at least in terms of our clothes. Even so, I bought one again. What I lost now was finding another bag marked with the gocomma name and next to it the price tag that stood at $ 9,99. This sacc per approx. It means 2500 forints, and I couldn't stand my curiosity, I wanted to know what kind of backpack can be taken out of it so that both the manufacturer and the trader can look for it.

gocomma backpack

When browsing gocomma products, it is striking that they are all heavily crammed. They have cables, these even look pretty good based on the pictures and feedback, but most of the products are still only for frugal figures like me. Why did I order this backpack then? Because I was hoping that dragging my drone would be good, and of course the curiosity factor was also strong.

 gocomma backpack 2

When he arrived he immediately noticed that they could pack it up very tiny. It doesn't mean much good, it's suspiciously not much material in it, it's also paper thin. His weight also revealed this, because it was essentially not for him. kibntva, however, at least the sight was quite good. Almost like advertising in photos, though I was almost certain it was going to get a lot worse.

 gocomma backpack 3

So at sight, it's not so crappy, we can go with people with it, no one will laugh out loud. The material is also good to look at, but if we not only look at it but also hold it, we immediately realize that a 90 gram paper is thicker than it. Well, you don't have to carry gummy stuff in it, it's good for two underpants, two socks and two T-shirts, so it can be enough for a team house party, unless you want to take alcohol with it.

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Don’t look for pockets in your backpack for long. There’s a whole room on the side where, say, my phone and papers, maybe a little spending money, and besides, it’s just the big pocket, i.e. the bag itself. According to the description, this is 10 liters, which may even be true. According to the manufacturer, we can pack up to 10 kilos, so we can go hiking, biking or camping. Honestly, I’d be reluctant to burden you with such a lot of weight, especially not during some active sport because I’d be afraid it would get off my back. I consider the strap to be the weakest link in the chain, I'm sure I wouldn't risk wearing it anymore for motorcycling.

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The question, of course, is always whether it is worth the price or not. Well, $ 10 is hard not worth, with that much money from Xiaom, it would run into maybe three nylon bags, so from that point of view, the answer is yes, it’s worth the price. It’s worth it even if we’re aware of your abilities and don’t expect more than can be taken out of that money. If not overloaded, it can be really good for hiking, walking or biking. The shoulder strap is quite soft, although it could be a little wider, but I wouldn’t say uncomfortable. For what I planned, that is, for DJI Mavic to travel in it will be absolutely good!

I ordered from here: gocomma backpack


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We tried what a $ 10 backpack can do 1

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