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The cheapest electric bike is incredibly cool, we tried it!

The cheapest electric bike is incredibly cool, we tried it!

It has an unspeakable name, we bought it for the price of a phone, plus it’s quite a super piece of this electric bike!

 The cheapest electric bike is incredibly cool, we tried it!



In recent years, we have seen more and more electric means of transport in our cities. More and more people are buying this because they are cheap to use, there is no need to lament the crowd on the bus, and we are not tied to the schedule either.

Ziyoujiguang T18 2

The spread of electric bicycles is hampered by one thing, goods. Because of this, most people are forced to get by with an electric scooter, which, let’s face it, is nowhere near as comfortable as a bicaj. We get a normal scooter in the lower voice for 350-450 dollars (105-135 thousand forints) if we don't buy it at home, and for a usable bike we have to pay over 450-550 dollars (130-160 thousand forints), which is a significant difference.

Ziyoujiguang T18 26

The now-tried bicaj, as the title suggests, is one if not the cheapest on the market. True, this is a temporary condition, but the promotion will last for a while, so whoever will like it based on the article will only have to pay $ 365 (104 thousand forints - at the exchange rate of June 2019, 06) for it. In addition, it arrives from a European warehouse without duty and VAT, moreover, there is a good chance that the courier will ring him within a week of placing the order.

Now let's taste its name, Ziyoujiguang T18.


Packing, assembly

There is nothing in the oversized cardboard box to tell you what we find inside. As the courier took it off the car I thought I could call for help to bring it in, but it turned out to be nothing heavier than the huge Philips monitors that occasionally come for testing.

Opening the box reveals that almost no packaging material was used. True, the cardboard is thick, but there is nothing but the handlebar other than the front and rear wheel attachments, and the seat stem is wrapped around to prevent damage. That's it.

Ziyoujiguang T18 1

Picking it out of the box, it turns out that we get it fully assembled. The steering wheel is just folded down, this is folded up and closed in one motion, we put the seat in place, adjust its height and it is done. Specifically, one thing needs to be screwed in, this requires an Allen key (I didn’t find it in the package), and that is the rear fender.

The whole assembly, including the fender, is no more than 10 minutes, and we can get started!



I remembered the former camping bikes from the Ziyoujiguang T18, but in truth, they were even bigger somewhat. The aluminum alloy frame, including the wheels, is just 115 inches long, with the handlebar closed and the seat lowered to a height of 73 inches. The bicaj weighs only 17,2 kilograms, and that includes the weight of the batteries.

The icing on the cake is that the pedals can also be folded down in one go, so it’s sure that if someone commutes, you can put this in the trunk and then roll over to the workplace happily from the P + R car park.

Ziyoujiguang T18 37

The extremely compact design means that the wheel diameter is small compared to the average bicycle, only 12 inches. What is important, however, is that this means a much larger size than the vast majority of scooters, and the tire is quite large, so I rolled happily on it on gravel and bumpy roads (who knows the roads in Érd knows what I'm talking about).

Ziyoujiguang T18 3

So from the outside, the bike isn’t big, but it looks all the cooler with the yellow sports stripes. The quality factor is further enhanced by the manually adjustable rear shock absorber spring, which can be red, yellow or black, and the two disc brakes that make the Ziyoujiguang T18 really look like a professional machine. Of course, these brakes are not hydraulic, but bowden, but unfortunately this is the only price.

The point is, they will get on the bike properly and stop the bike fast enough if there is a problem. Parking is also easy, we have a fold-out support at the rear wheel, so we can stop safely anywhere.

Ziyoujiguang T18 4

As I wrote, the seat height is adjustable, fully lowered from the ground to 73 inches in height, and fully extended can be raised to 100 inches. For my 184-inch height, this 100-inch height was comfortable. There may be another 3-4 inches in the tube, but I didn’t want to pull it out anymore, so have something to hold. The height of the handlebars, on the other hand, is not adjustable, which we can customize on it is the decision of the grip.

This may also be necessary because we are not talking about a smooth grip, our palms have been given a wider leaning surface so our weight is better distributed, more comfortable to use.

Ziyoujiguang T18 13

The bike was also equipped with lights. There is a double LED unit in front, its light is surprisingly strong, it was enough even in complete darkness. The tail light is a smooth LED, red-light piece that also functions as a brake light. It is connected to both brake levers, so it is stronger than braking and not one but two LEDs light up.

Ziyoujiguang T18 14

The use is aided by a charge indicator on the steering wheel, pay attention to it, because you walked like me, you could roll home to throw up with a discharged battery, I didn’t have a sincere smile. Anyway, it wouldn’t have been bad for some simpler cycling computer that at least shows the distance and speed traveled, but it didn’t fit into the price either.

There is nothing on the display other than the charge lines, which, moreover, are not so visible in the scorching sunlight. So at this point, there could have been some more improvement.

Ziyoujiguang T18 11

On the left we find the control that has the lights and the horn button, just in the right place for the thumb, there is no need to release the steering wheel to push. I would note here that the saddle of a bagpipe is quite disappointing, even a traditional bicycle bell would have been a hundred times better. The throttle lever, like the one on my engine, is built into the grip on the right side, but unlike the engine, you don’t have to wrap the entire grip, only the inner half.

Ziyoujiguang T18 12

The Ziyoujiguang T18 is rear-wheel drive like a good BMW, but it won’t be suitable for drifting, for which the 250-watt motor has little power. On the other hand, it is enough to drive at a speed of about 25 kilometers on a straight road, I went on a slope well over thirty, but because of the small wheels, the pants were already a bit full at that speed, so just be careful about racing!



If we were already on the engine performance, let's dive into the dry technical data a bit, but I'll try to find out soon, because I think you would also like to know more about how to use the bike.

Ziyoujiguang T18 28

So, as I wrote, the motor is 250 watts, powered by a 36-volt, 6-AH battery assembled from standard 18650 lithium-ion units. With the 42-volt and 2-amp charger that comes with it, we can charge it in about four hours, so we can do 25-30 kilometers in purely electric mode and 45-50 kilometers if we turn the pedal - this data will be nuanced a little later.

There is an LED on the charger that shows when the battery is charged, while the charger lights up red when it turns green.

Ziyoujiguang T18 36

When it comes to the battery, it’s also important to get IP54 protection against water and dust, so we can’t bike underwater, but we can do it in the rain. Another good news is that the electronics also protect the battery from over-discharging and overcharging and overheating (I tested this, though I didn’t want to), so they took care of their lifespan as much as possible.

Ziyoujiguang T18 29

It is very gratifying that unlike scooters, the weight of the user is not limited to 100 kilograms, it takes us up to 120 kilograms. Of course, it shouldn’t be a goal to test this, we’d rather stay under 100 pounds unless we’re two feet tall, but if you’re that tall or you don’t, you’ll be cycling with the Ziyoujiguang T18.

I have already written above the maximum speed available, which is 25 kilometers per hour in electric mode. I guess I didn’t miss anything, so let the experience come!



Although the Ziyoujiguang T18 is quite small, it is still quite comfortable. The angle of the seat can also be adjusted, its padding is soft, so I don't think it will be a problem to roll with it in the city for half an hour, and you won't go to Lake Balaton with this, unless you live by the lake. As I wrote on the crossbar of the handlebars, the angle of the grip is also adjustable, so I easily adjusted it to the height of my girlfriend as well as mine, it was comfortable.

Ziyoujiguang T18 17

When opening the handlebar, make sure that it is not enough to snap the bayonet lock, there is also a rotatable plastic element with a small tab, this must be turned to avoid accidental opening!

Ziyoujiguang T18 8

The Ziyoujiguang T18 works in three modes, the first, single scroll and go mode, this is when you do not turn the lock key or the battery is exhausted. The second is pedaling plus battery mode, here you roll, thus increasing the range. The third is the fully electric mode, here the motor takes you, and you receive the appreciative or amazed glances of passers-by.

Ziyoujiguang T18 9

First, of course, I tried the electric mode. I weighed it, it was really able to reach the given speed, but somehow I still felt it was slower. This isn’t a problem, of course, it’s more positive because I didn’t feel either insecure or dangerous about it. In electric mode there is no big iron anyway, turn the lever on the bike to go. Acceleration does not break off the seat, it starts nicely, no uncertainty.

Ziyoujiguang T18 6

However, due to the small wheels and short frame, cornering has to be used. If you’re used to a regular-sized bike or motorcycle, the arc you’re turning on will be weird. Also, make sure that the paddles are in a horizontal position at higher speeds, because if you fall over you can scratch the asphalt heavily and the engaging pedal can lead to unpleasant falls. Okay, of course you don’t have to drive in a crazy way, slow down before the turn!

Ziyoujiguang T18 15

The pedal mode is much more interesting than the electric drive. As you may have read above, this could nearly double the range, which is good, but we might ask ourselves, if we already had to ride, wouldn’t it be better to buy a traditional bike? Well no!

Pedal use was completely different than I expected. To my advantage, this is my first electric bike, so the others may work that way, but I’ll describe if there will be anyone like me to lose the virginity of an electric bike like this.

Ziyoujiguang T18 18

So the point is that when we start and start riding the pedal, it’s just like riding a regular bike, but it doesn’t take long because after reaching a very low speed, the engine and drive start. Yes, it’s essentially like we’re turning the big nothing, like when the exercise bike is in the lightest gear, and many times we can’t even decide whether we’re going to turn the pedal or the pedal will take our feet.

The hardest thing about it is getting used to it. If you’re used to not having to apply essentially any force, simply keeping the pace of the spin, you’re in place. You don’t sweat, you don’t get tired, you just lengthen the range with the extra energy gained from rolling.

Ziyoujiguang T18 16

This theorem is true until you come across an ascending one. Since I had to test everything, I looked out at a steeper street in Érd (it was quite steep!) And headed for the mountain for him. If I had to ride a traditional bike of a similar size, I would have sweated thoroughly, but the Ziyoujiguang T18 simply put me on.

You can already feel the resistance of the pedal on the incline, so you have to apply force in this case, but it's just like driving a traditional bike on a smooth road. Here we can return to overheating the battery, because approx. I was on the fifth hill when help was gone all of a sudden.

The charge indicator showed that the battery was not discharged, only the engine was not running. I suspect I managed to overload the machine a bit because it started again a little later, so I think it got hot.

Ziyoujiguang T18 19

Here, let’s turn back a bit to the distance you can do on a single charge. According to the factory data, 25-30 kilometers is the purely electric mode, but this should be understood as a really smooth road. The hilly Érd was 20-21 kilometers in it, so I was driving uphill, because on some hills the power of the engine could no longer get it on its own. Of course, this will not be a problem in the city, especially in Pest, but if you want to visit the Buda region, let's expect the mountains to take out the souffle properly.

Ziyoujiguang T18 23

It’s not the best tactic to leave the negatives to the end, because that’s what stays most in the reader. Which is why I do these two things. One is that I can only report one negative, the other is that it will be good if no one forgets about it.

Ziyoujiguang T18 21

It’s all about the fact that the disc brake tends to overheat from downhill. This is not something from the devil, it may be familiar to motorists and motorcyclists that the brake pad on the hot disc does not stick so strongly, so the braking effect deteriorates.

Although the bike also has disc brakes at the front, I used the first one carefully because I was afraid that I was going to tumble down, especially on a slope downhill. So for the most part, the rear brake remained, which in turn quickly warmed up. Although the brake disc is perforated, the material is quite thin, so it can happen, so pay attention to that!

Ziyoujiguang T18 5

Finally, a few words about how you can extend the range as much as possible. My first piece of advice is to use the pedal when starting until the engine starts, because most of the energy is eaten by the engine when starting. My second piece of advice is to turn the pedal even on slight inclines. It’s not tiring, but it helps the engine, the battery.

My third piece of advice is that if you’re driving downhill, release the throttle completely, because that’s when the engine shuts down to “empty,” and that’s when the refill goes. Finally, my fourth and final advice is not to tap the gas, you can do well on a straight, smooth road with a half, three-quarters stance, in which case the consumption is less.



The Ziyoujiguang T18, came, saw and took off my feet. It has a pretty cute muzzle, cool looks and enough performance, plus it was an extra good point to see the faces of acquaintances when asked, Did you come with this? At home, we can charge from a plain outlet with a unit similar to an old notebook charger. Lightweight, can be folded a little, fits loosely in the trunk of a car.

Ziyoujiguang T18 30

I was a little afraid that it would be such a cheap bike and it would really be such a cheap bike, but no, it is not. I don’t know what a $ 500-600 structure of a similar size might look like, but somehow I think it’s much better for sure not because there’s simply no one that could be so much better at it.

It is part of the truth that the price of the Ziyoujiguang T18 is not usually 365 dollars, but it costs exactly one hundred, or about 30 thousand forints more. Luckily, I caught the mid-summer discount, or as they say in my favorite store, the Mid-Year Mega Sale campaign, which runs through June 12, and I saved some money on that.

Ziyoujiguang T18 25

As you can read in the introduction, the bike comes from a European warehouse, I ordered it on Wednesday and it was already delivered by the courier on Monday, namely for free, because you don’t have to pay for delivery either. In addition, the good news is that since it comes from within the EU, we do not have to pay customs duties or VAT.

If you liked the bike, you still have a few days to buy it at a lower price. Here you will find:

Ziyoujiguang T18 electric bike - $ 369, free shipping, duty and VAT


Ziyoujiguang T18 20


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