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Here’s Banggood Prime Sale - restarting life after the epidemic with huge promotions

Here’s Banggood Prime Sale - restarting life after the epidemic with huge promotions

This year’s bottom line turned up due to the virus, Banggood Prime Sale 2020 is coming to Banggood in July!

Banggood Summer Prime Sale 2020

The biggest promotions of the year usually arrive before Christmas, but we don't just get good prices and promotions. Traditionally, there is a special period every spring, sometime around March to April. This year, not surprisingly, this has lagged behind. It wouldn’t even have made much sense, people had less trouble than to think about what to buy from China.

At Banggood, however, it was thought that even if the spring campaign was missed for compelling reasons, it would be made up, if not otherwise, in the least busy month of the summer anyway. THE Banggood Prime Sale 2020 series of actions will last for almost a month and will usually be broken down into several parts.

July 3-9.

The promotions are expected to start on the pages of Shop Mega dealerships, where we can expect the discounting of larger, more popular brands. Among them, of course, there will be Xiaomi, Blitzwolf and quite a few other manufacturers. According to Banggood’s advertising majors, we can expect a discount of up to 50 percent on some products.

Banggood Summer Prime Sale 2020

July 9-11.

During this period, you will be able to shop for products ordered at a discounted price in the first week. There were already examples of products being included for a minimum amount, which then had to be paid at a later date. In these promotions, we can expect to get really good prices, as we always do with pre-orders.

July 11-19.

This period will coincide with the first week, with the difference that we will be able to get other products at a discounted price.

July 21-24.

They write that this will be the highlight of the action, crazy discounts, promotional games, plenty of coupons, so there will be something to delight in.

Banggood Summer Prime Sale 2020

Another good news is that I can surprise you with quite a few and interesting tests as part of the big July action, thanks to Banggood. Let’s not talk about the products to test yet, let these be surprises. All I can tell you is that I drew from a wide range of products!

As the sub-pages of the promotions become available on Banggood I will indicate so more news is coming Banggood Prime Sale 2020 in topic!

Here is Banggood Prime Sale - relaunching life after the epidemic with huge promotions 1

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