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Such is a flawless electric bike - ADO D30 test

Such is a flawless electric bike - ADO D30 test

Highly the best electric bike I have ever tried!

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 1

Check out the bike in motion in our video tutorial!



Before I get into the test, I also need to write a few words about the manufacturer. Perhaps I can say without exaggeration that I am the most authentic source on ADO in Hungary, as the current bike is the fourth one I can try from them.

The company is barely two years old, but on the first test I felt like they had serious kraft in them. The manufacturer, which was operating a few months ago, put together such a good structure that I haven't replaced it since, even though I had the opportunity.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 2

Not only did their first bike become very good. From the start, their European service and sales base is available, they provide the opportunity for repairs in Hungary, they send spare parts by post, and they even give a video for the replacement.

So they try to handle everything in the smoothest, fastest way, and if our bike is completely unrepairable, you don't have to send it back to China, enough e.g. to target the Polish service base.

I will write about the warranty conditions at the end of the article!

The ADO has traveled extremely fast along the path trodden by Chinese manufacturers. The first series of bicycles, which run from the A16 to the A26, was still “developed” in the well-known way. They are built from components purchased from OEMs, so the shape of the wheel or frame, for example, often bounces back from other manufacturers ’porters.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 3

Even then, they managed to meet one of their main goals, to make the cheapest bikes on the market in their own category. This was the case for the Z20C, and so it was for the smallest A16, the medium A20, the largest A26, and the A20F that replaced Z20C.

The company's attitude towards customers is well illustrated by the fact that there is already a + version for the A20, A20F and A26. The extra marking in this case means that the bikes have an improved engine controller different from the original, which has been programmed based on customer feedback, suggestions and needs. Without any hypocrisy, even according to my suggestions.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 4

The bike in the current article is already a harbinger of a whole new world. No matter how I searched the net, I couldn’t find the frame from other manufacturers, so I can almost say this bike is the first in a row that ADO itself developed.

We can talk about an incredible amount of technical development, which I will cover in the article. However, I can already tell you in the introduction that the ADO D30 has got high-end capabilities, while the price is not even close to the high-end.

Let's tap into it, let's start with a company presentation, then the packaging and accessories can come!


A very short history of ADO

ADO stands for “A Dece Oasis”, which in Hungarian means “Oasis in the Desert”. This oasis is not something imagined, the naming is the famous Chinese Crescent Lake, and the oasis around it was the naming.

Tried it - ADO A20F, beast electric bike 1

Lake Crescent was located on the edge of the Gobi Desert, along the old Silk Road. Of course, it used to be, now it's only a quarter of an hour's drive to the nearest big city, but the lake and the oasis around it, the pagoda next to the lake, is still a wonderful sight.

Crescent Lake is a symbol of “green” and “challenge” as well as “inheritance” and “hope” for the Chinese people. It was the last green oasis before the old travelers embarked on the challenges of the desert.

The founders of ADO found these aspects, and of course the journey itself, to be appropriate for naming a company.

Tried it - ADO A20F, beast electric bike 2

ADO is a young company, founded in 2020. According to the news, the founders are potent companies, which is also clear from the force with which they exploded into the market. After the introduction in November last year, 2021 new bicycles were launched in 4, and a complete European sales and service network was built. I will write about this at the end of the article.


Packaging, accessories

I tend to write less and less about packaging, as there isn’t much interesting in this. Now, however, I have to sacrifice a few sentences for the thing, and those sentences won’t be exposed by the manufacturer in the window.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 5

I was honestly terrified of the packaging, I had encountered such a warped thing a long time ago, although in fact, it perfectly protected the bike from damage!

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 6

So they grabbed the big cardboard box, put in a big nylon bag, so to speak, lined it up. The bike, deprived of its front wheel, handlebars and seat, is fastened in two other nylon bags. The package was then placed in the box (the nylon in it) and the area between the two bags was printed out with a cheap polyurethane foam.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 7

The protection was perfect, it was undeniable, but by the time I peeled the D30 out of the package I was sweating properly, not to mention the incorruptible amount of waste that a smaller trash wouldn’t absorb.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 8

In this part of the test, I thought that if I could find solutions of this quality on the bike, I would be irrevocably out of ADO. Luckily, what I found in the package was that I was still looking for the state because of it.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 9

Not too much of an accessory. What was separate and had to be fitted is the handlebars, the seat, the metal pedals and a phone holder, next to which we get a pump and a charger, and screwed to the bike the front and rear lights, cat eyes on the wheel, as well as ample descriptions and assembly guide. You don't need more than that!


Paper form

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 10

It will be a short chapter, I will list the essential skills, and then we will move on!

The tire size is 27,5 inches and the gross weight is 29,5 kilograms. The external dimensions are 1800 x 640 x 1100 millimeters. The maximum load capacity is 120 kilograms. The material of the frame is, of course, aluminum.

According to the factory data, the 36V, 10,4 AH lithium battery pack has a range of ~ 90 kilometers. This is usually an optimistic estimate and also depends on the terrain and the weight of the cyclist. The carbon-free motor is 250 watts and the torque is 42 Nm, 380 rpm.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 11

The charger is 42 volts and 2 amps, we get protection against overheating, short circuit, overcurrent, overcharging.

There are three abilities I was terribly pleased with, all of which are orders of magnitude better than the previous ADO bikes:

  1. Damping: The ADO D30 has already received a normal front telescope, meaning not only is there a spring in a tube, this structure already has normal damping, not just springs. It is important that the shock absorber can be locked, ie the suspension can be removed on asphalt in good road conditions. Plus, the good news is that the lock is done with the switch on the handlebars, you don't even have to get off the bike.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 12

2. Shift: There has also been a Shima shift on previous bikes, but the cheapest 6-speed Tourney design. The ADO D30 is powered by an 11-speed Shimano DEORE.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 13

3. Hydraulic brakes: We get front and rear disc brakes, which is not surprising so far. But the ADO D30 is no longer a bowden or semi-hydraulic brake, but a brake that pumps oil from the lever. I'll write about that later!

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 14


ADO D30 technical data:

 FeaturesCompliance with EU standards
ModeSupport modepedal / pedal assistant
General skillsBrandThe Dece Oasis
type27,5 x 1,95 inches
Rated power  250W 
Torque42 Nm
Disc brakeFront-rear hydraulic disc brake

Shock absorber

Manual adjustment
Complete unit1800 640 x x 1100mm
Colorgray / silver
PerformanceMax. Speed25 km
Transmission Manufacturer / GearsShimano DEORE / 11 speed
Control systemG-drive 2.0
Distance can be made with one infusion<90 km
Charging time6-7 hours
BatteryRated voltage36 V
Charging interrupt voltage42 V
Rated capacity36 V 10,4 AH
Type of batteriesRemovable portable lithium battery


EU regulations for electric bicycles

Unfortunately, European regulations are quite strict as to what capabilities an electric bike can have, what capabilities it already counts as an auxiliary bike.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 15

It’s just a small change in the name, but it has a bigger impact. Namely, an electric bicycle can be used as a bicycle. To say the least, we can use the bike paths. However, a completely different motorcycle is subject to completely different rules.

  • You need an exam to use them
  • They must have compulsory insurance
  • You need a turn signal and a brake light on your bike
  • They can only be used on the road (so not on the bike path!)

Why did I write this down? Because the ADO D30, unlike most Chinese bicycles, complies with EU regulations in all respects.

According to:

  • There is no throttle on it
  • The motor power is 250 watts
  • Electrical assistance is switched off above 25 Km / h

Again, what does not meet these requirements is not an electric bike, but an auxiliary bike!

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 16




The ADO D30 has already received another, upgraded computer, the S830, which differs from its predecessor in two respects. One is that the display has become bigger and more readable, the other is that we have a USB charging port on it that we can use to charge our phone. (We also get a phone holder for the ADO D30!)

Fortunately, this computer can be set up in the same way as its predecessors, as it has a hidden menu. Here, for example, the above-mentioned restrictions can be removed. To do this, you must first enter the hidden menu by pressing and holding the down and up arrows on the left side of the steering wheel to control the amount of power.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 17

Once you have entered the menu, you can in principle control the maximum speed at menu item P08. This is set to 25 km / h by default. Setting it higher raises the upper speed limit for assisting, and setting it to 100 also removes the power limit.

However, in the case of the D30, this does not work, the manufacturer has made sure that the bike complies with EU regulations, so whatever we set, the boost is switched off at 25 Km / h.

What I used to change, and what works here, is point P09. Here it is set to activate only above 6 Km / h. This prevents the problem that the bike starts unexpectedly under us when you start, because almost as you reach the pedal, the engine starts.

I prefer to have help right from the start, but for those just new to the electric bike, this can be a little dangerous in some situations!

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 18

So everyone makes the settings at their own risk!

Those who want to know the other settings of the computer can find the complete description here:

Most settings such as voltage, number of magnets, wheel size and the like should not be adjusted!



Unpacking, assembly and first test:


We’ve gotten past the “theoretical” part, there may come a practice that we need to start with the assembly!

Electric bikes arrive half-flattened. Foldable with the steering wheel and seat folded down, the larger 26+-inch non-folding front wheel, seat and handlebars are removed to fit in as small a box as possible.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 19

The ADO D30 is a 27-inch bike, so no matter how much you wanted it, it didn’t fit in a small box at all.

Assembly is not very complicated, it is worth starting with the front wheel. A spacer is screwed into place on the wheel during transport to prevent the fork from deforming during transport. So our first thing will be to remove this spacer with the bike on the headboard.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 20

Thread the locking shaft through the wheel axle, put the wheel in place, gently tighten the screws on both sides of the shaft, and then lock the wheel in place by folding in the locking tab.

Now we can turn the bike, fold out the side support.

We put the seat in place, it’s not complicated as you just have to slide the seat tube into place.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 21

The steering wheel will be held in place by four screws. There are two things to look for here. One is not to leave the rubber strips under the fastener during installation, and the other is to place the center of the star on the steering horn in the middle of the fastener opening. I hope this is well seen in the pictures. We can tighten the screws, we're almost done.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 22

If you have assembled the D30, the setting may come. Interestingly, the assembly description still includes bowden brakes, but the bike has a hydraulic one. All you have to do is adjust the position of the levers to get the right braking force. To do this, a small screw is hidden on the outside, you can adjust the lever by turning it. (The blue circle in the picture indicates the screw!)

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 23

When we’re done with the brakes, we need to check one more thing, the bowden of the device for closing the first telescope. Once we've pulled this in too, we're basically ready to install, the test drive can begin!



The article is starting to get long, even though the good is yet to come!

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 24

Let's start there, the ADO D30 is beautiful. I know it’s not a decisive moment, but let’s face it, if we’ve spent a wheelbarrow of money on an electric bike, it’s probably the bare minimum to like it. I think you will like the D30.

The design of the frame is almost unisex, not macho, but not a man looks silly on it, but due to the delicate bending of the upper tube, the ladies can sit on it.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 25

The battery hidden in the frame is cool. I know this has been the case for 2 million electric bikes for XNUMX years now, but that category means something unaffordable to a lot of people. This year's trend is already in the case of middle-class manufacturers.

The size is perfect, with the 27,5-inch wheel it no longer looks like a kids bike, but it’s not so big that users with lower heights can’t use it. I’m 184 inches, but the seat is far from being pulled to the maximum, so it will be good for those taller than me.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 26

The D30 also got a new seat, it feels very gel inside the insert. Not a large carbon shovel size, I find it comfortable.

The size and design of the steering wheel is also good. In the case of the ADO Z20C, A20, A20F, at least based on the pictures, several have suggested that the steering is too narrow (I don’t think so), but with the D30, that can’t happen either.

In the case of the ADO Z20C, the weakest part was the shock absorber. These A20s and A20Fs have already been improved, but they are not even close to the comfort that the D30 can offer. On one side, according to the knob, there is a pretension adjuster, and on the other side, at the top of the telescopic shaft, there is a bowden lock, which allows you to simply disengage the front wheel suspension from the steering wheel.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 27

Because of the shift on older ADO bikes, I got it on my head that’s okay with Shimao, but the Tourney is a pile of poop. Well, I don't see it that way, it's true, it has to be adjusted normally, but I haven't had to adjust it on my own Z20C since then. The only downside is that you could switch a little nicer, more precisely, after shifts under load, the chain will tweak a bit.

The Shimano DEORE mounted on the D30 isn’t the top either, but I have to admit, compared to that, the Tourney is really pretty low cost. In the case of DEORE, the shift is buttery, I didn't have to adjust the shift either, every shift is accurate, even under load, up the hill. VERY GOOD!

And what's even better is the brake! With the older ADO A20- ADO A20F, a lot of people replace the part of the brake that contains the cylinders. With the factory bowden solution, the braking force is far from perfect, and the inserts tend to squeak. For this reason, the semi-hydraulic solution is popular, where the braking is bowden from the steering wheel to the wheel, but the mechanism for moving the inserts itself is already oily. So this is a semi-hydraulic, semi-mechanical system.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 28

With the ADO D30, you don't have to bother with that anymore. We don't get a bowden solution, but we don't get a hybrid solution, but one with a hydraulic system from the steering wheel to the wheel and the brake pads. That is, in this case, oil is pushed into the cylinders with the brake levers, e.g. for engines.

The hydraulic solution is very good. The feedback to our finger is much better, the braking force can be applied much more precisely and finely, and the squeaking is finally gone. I checked, the bike-mounted Kamros brand set is not one of the most expensive, the complete set for the front and rear wheels is approx. It costs 40-45 forints. At the same time, it does its job great, not much like what the Bowden disc brakes know.

The things listed so far improve your comfort a lot, adding a lot to your cycling experience.

Okay, and how is biking with the D30?

Since there is no throttle here, it is completely different from previous ADO bikes. Other, but not bad, in fact, pedal assistance has been a thousand times better than it has been on any ADO so far. The 11-speed transmission is very good and always helps you find the gear where you can enjoy the ride without interruption.

Somehow it looks like we’re adjusting the strength of the boost (there are 3 gears, max. 15-20 and 25 Km / h)), we start, then we start to shift upwards. At whatever level we feel like, well, it’s going to be a little bit over there, we’ll switch back one and get out of the world without getting tired. Of course, as long as there is a charge in the battery.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 29

Of course, it's worth switching up and down the slope, and maybe changing the strength of the help.

On flat terrain, it almost doesn’t seem like going for help, of course, until we turn it off. As we get uphill we realize how far the engine built into the rear wheel is pushing. When switched back, we can cycle on extreme slopes. I’m not saying in some cases you’ll already need muscle work, but without help it would be impossible to get up without walking.

You must be wondering what the D30 knows at top speed. Well, on flat terrain, 26-27 km per hour was a very comfortable pace for me (since the upper limit of 25 Km / h in triple gear), if I tightened up a bit and switched up, I didn't break up to 35, it's true, we don't get help here anymore , so the D30 works like a traditional bike. On the slope, of course, the 55-60 also goes, and because of the large wheel size, it's not even too scary.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 30

What’s interesting is that we don’t slow down drastically on the slopes because of the help. On a medium ascent, the 20-25 km per hour can be maintained almost effortlessly, but on an extreme ascent, it can be reached at a speed of 18-20 Km / hour.

There are some cycling reports in the demo video, let’s see how uphill I went up, like this one:

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 31

The built-in parts do their job wonderfully. As I wrote above, the derailleur is pinpoint, the shock absorber is suitable for worse roads or light terrain when open, and when closed we can race on better quality asphalt.



I also loved the ADO bikes so far, but if I want to be very honest, the great performance and equipment I got cheaply was accompanied by a bit of excitement, wildness and rawness.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 32

The ADO D30 is a whole different world. This is a mature, quality bike. I can't relate to it in any momentum. There are no points I should defend with: Good in this price range. Or should I write: for that much money, it fits. Or that: It’s not perfect, but the competition isn’t either, and ADO is cheaper, too.

There is simply no point I could tie into!

It is very, really important that the ADO D30 meets EU standards in all its flavors, and there are not many of these cheaper Chinese electric bikes. So, with this bike, there will be no inconvenience if the cop stops you, you won’t be penalized, you can go on a bike ride, you don’t have to be insured, you don’t need a license, and you don’t have to put a turn signal and a brake light on it. That is reassuring.

The manufacturer also wrote the point on the bike: Cross your city. That is, translated into Hungarian: Through your city.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 33

From this, it is clear that the ADO D30 is primarily a city bike, but in my experience you will be able to do it in easier terrain. The rubber on it makes it possible, but there is no obstacle to replacing it with a shackle later, and then the forest is waiting!

The materials used, the shape of the frame, the paintwork, the brakes, the shock absorber, the transmission are all perfect. Of course, if the frame were made of carbon, a few more pounds could have been saved. It could have been an even more branded brake, shock absorber or transmission, but feel free to dare it mean it would be a little redundant.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 34

Of course, whoever wants the best should reach deep into his pocket. Don’t regret 1-2 million on an electric bike and you’re guaranteed to get better than the ADO D30. The only question is 1. how many can afford this, 2. is it really worth the extra cost?

I ask this so that the ADO D30 is no longer cheap. Okay, compared to its category, but not compared to ADO bikes so far. Extra capabilities, better, higher quality parts, building from non-OEM parts make it more expensive, but in my opinion, it’s worth the price anyway.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 35

One of the most important objectives of the ADO is that they are the cheapest sellers of bicycles on the market within the given category. Cheaper than that, you don't get a bike with such abilities!

If you like it, you can buy it in the introductory campaign launched today from the manufacturer's store, of course from the EU warehouse, by clicking on the link below. Or you can choose the Banggood Czech warehouse, use the BG34652b coupon code, this will give you a nice discount!

On the ADO and Banggood side, an Insta360 GO2 XE camera will be raffled off among customers every day, and as long as stocks last, each customer will also receive an ADO bike lock and a bicycle lock.


ADO D30 electric bicycle - ADO webshop

ADO D30 Electric Bicycle - Banggood

Important! The ADO D30 is available in two versions. In addition to the more expensive D30, a cheaper D30C Vision was also made, which differs from the more expensive one only in two things. The shock absorber can be locked manually, not from the steering wheel, and the transmission is not 11- but 9-speed. In return, the price for these two changes is 300 euros lower!

Discounts are valid in the ADO store for the ADO D30C, at Banggood, the Czech warehouse, use the 2022ACTIESNL coupon code.

ADO D30C electric bicycle - ADO webshop

ADO D30C Electric Bicycle - Banggood



Warranty conditions

Many people on Chinese bikes are reluctant to buy, saying it is essentially impossible to send a bike back to China, so there is a door guarantee on it. You take it out and there is no guarantee.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 36

I note, of course, this isn’t really the case, there are millions and there’s a solution for repair, but that doesn’t belong here right now, because with ADO, things work completely differently than with an average Chinese bike.

  • Lifelong technical support
  • 10 year warranty on frame and 1 year warranty on structural parts - front fork, seatpost, steering wheel, brake lever, sprocket, transmission, electrical components - charger, battery, engine, controller, instrument, USB charger, accelerator handle, 2in1 switch, headlight, etc.
  • After EU sales, EU service points (UK, DE, PL) can be replaced free of charge if repair is not possible
  • 8-hour quick-response online service in English and German (as I read in other languages, I don't know in Hungarian)
  • In case of failure, free spare parts and repair video will be sent for installation;
  • Customers can also purchase spare parts from a third party, in which case ADO will share the cost.
  • If the bicycle cannot be repaired in the buyer's country, it can be returned to EU centers
  • If they cannot be repaired at the ADO center either, the manufacturer will provide a new bike free of charge.

I hope I didn’t miss anything, the list is long enough. The point, then, is that full warranty administration takes place in Europe.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 37

If a part fails, the manufacturer will send the new part through the EU centers, adding the video needed for replacement. That’s a pretty good thing, and I suspect if the repair requires service, cost sharing could come into play here as well.

It also sounds very good about lifetime support, the possibility of quick online error reporting, and the fact that, as a last resort, it should be sent back to an EU headquarters and not to China.

Such is a flawless electric bicycle - ADO D30 test 38

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