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iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys

It has everything you need in a mid-range machine, it turns out what this is enough for.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys

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The scooter is a special kind of animal. There are quite solid pieces with a power of 250-350 watts, there are more serious ones with 500 watts, and there are beasts with 3-4-5 thousand watts. The 800-1000 watt machines are located between the two groups.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 1

The iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX is also like this, as the manufacturer specified 800 watts of power and a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour. These values ​​clearly show that it is not a toy. According to the paper form, we can find all earthly good in it, interestingly, the price does not beat the stars, so it can even be successful.

I had to try it!


Packing, assembly, exterior

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 2

The usual simple but rather large box, which already reveals that the scooter inside will not be small either. It's not. Before I can take it out of the box, I have to take out the pack that hides the accessories. It contains a tool kit, charger and description. There is also a front light, which we will have to install as well. What's more, the seat is separate, and in a smaller package there is also a footrest that you can lean on with one of your heels while rolling and accelerating.

This tramp can also be considered as an extra, since we usually get either a seat or this, rarely both. At the same time, it foreshadows something about the usability and power of the machine, since the role of the pedal is to find suitable support for our feet when accelerating, so that we don't fall off the scooter due to acceleration.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 3

You don't need to assemble the machine much. For example, I unscrewed the sole of the seat and put the footrest instead, thinking that I was going to go a little wild. Apart from that, we really only have to screw on the light and, of course, check the brakes before we go on our first test lap.

Okay, we can highlight the scooter and marvel at it. I didn't expect it to look this good from the pictures. Tinted aluminum parts, rear shock, steering column clamp and other parts look very nice.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 4

The wheels are of course quite large, 10 inches. the manufacturer says it has all-terrain tires, but I don't think so. I would rather call it a mixed pattern, that is, the grooves are only deeper for asphalt. By no means is it a chubby all-terrain tire.

The frame of the scooter, the trepni, what we stand on are of average size, I expected a little wider based on the pictures. At first, I have a well-put-together feeling, which I don't like, the first shock absorber I've seen elsewhere and it's quite clicky. We'll see how it goes here, I'd be surprised if there were any surprises.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 5

The fenders are plastic, there is also a sticker on the back so you don't stand on them, the tread is good for that alone, I won't accidentally break the fender on the first ride. The lamp is the usual four-LED piece, which I have also seen on scooters and bikes. The bagpipe is also in it, the light is good, I know now that there will be no problem! We have a rear light along with a brake light.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 6

On the steering wheel to the left is a group of buttons, on which there is the index switch (because there is also an index), the light switch and the button for the horn. On the right is an instrument unit, this is also unknown to me, the throttle is on the side of the display. There is also a "lock key", which means that the electrical system of the machine can be locked. Of course, we also have brake levers on both sides.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 7

That's about it, the stuff comes in at first, really, my boys (it's true, they're only five years old, so the value system is different) watched with open mouth, which was not typical until now. They say it's very cool. If they say so, it's true!


Paper form

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 8

Before we get into it, there is one thing we definitely need to talk about, and that is the iENYRID M4 PRO roller family. Yes, it is a family, because under this name we find a total of 3 types. The cheapest is the iENYRID M4 PRO, followed by the iENYRID M4 PRO S+, and finally the iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX introduced in this test.

Of course, the longer the name, the more the machine knows! In the plain PRO version, the motor is 500 watts, the battery is 16 Ah. In the PRO S+ version, the motor is already 800 watts, the remaining battery is 16 Ah. The PRO S+ MAX has an 800-watt motor and a 20 Ah battery capacity.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 9

With this we have already hit the paper form, in addition to the 800 watt motor and the large 20 Ah battery, it is also important that the system is 48 volts.

According to the manufacturer's data, we can cover a distance of 40-75 kilometers with this engine and battery on one charge, and the top speed is 45 kilometers per hour. The power is enough to enable the machine to climb a 20-degree incline. These are quite impressive values, but given the battery capacity, they do not seem impossible.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 10

It is also important that the scooter is braked by disc brakes at the front and at the back, of course mechanical disc brakes as usual, hydraulic solutions start somewhere around 2000 watts of motor power. The good news is that the rear wheel has e-ABS, i.e. anti-lock braking system, due to the electric drive. As I already wrote, there is shock absorption in the front and back, which is not surprising if the manufacturer calls the machine an all-terrain scooter.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 11

It is essential that we get a correct on-board instrument for knowledge, but as an extra I can mention the display of the maximum battery voltage. You can see the total distance traveled, the distance traveled since switching on, the average speed and the highest speed reached. It is also important that we also get cruise control!

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 12

Okay, now all that's left is the physical dimensions. The length of the machine is 115 cm, its highest point, the height of the handlebar can be adjusted between 100-125 cm. The widest point is also the steering wheel, which is 61 centimeters. The total weight of the scooter is 25 kilos. To be honest, I expected more, since if we want to buy a 20 Ah battery pack for a bike separately, its weight is usually around 9-10 kilos, which means that the machine weighs only 15 kilos without a battery.



iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 13

Let's start with the bad stuff! The first is that I have never seen a seat as unbroken as the one that comes with the iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX. I'm not saying it's uncomfortable because I haven't tried it. Fortunately, if it breaks, we can order a gel seat for HUF 3000-5000, so we shouldn't have any more problems than that.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 14

Unfortunately, the shock absorber is exactly what I expected. It clicks. Interestingly, it clicked less at the end of the test than at the beginning, did it run???? Of course, this clicking is not constant, it requires bigger holes on the forest road, more serious road defects, in which case the shock absorber collapses excessively. If the quality of the road is only moderately bad, the clicking disappears completely, and I think it occurs even less if the passenger is less built than me.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 15

What is very strange is the cruise control. Specifically, I think it is dangerous. It's not even activated in the first place, we have to activate it in the service menu. I suspect it's not by accident.

The problem with it is that there is nothing to indicate that it is on. Usually there's a little beep or something to tell you when the cruise control is activated, but there's nothing here. If you don't pay attention, it happens (it happened to me) that you let go of the throttle, you expect the scooter to start slowing down, but nothing happens, it just keeps going, because the cruise control was turned on. I recommend that if you are not going long distances where you do not need to slow down or speed up, you should leave it off, it should not be a problem.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 16

I rode quite a lot with the M4 PRO S+ MAX, and I can say one thing for sure, this scooter is not for off-road. I'm not saying that it won't go on a better quality dirt or gravel road, but it's not comfortable. The manufacturer may not have put camless tires on it by accident, they knew that users would not go off-road with it, even if they try to make us believe in the promo video how much fun it is to go off-road with it.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 17

On the other hand, what is definitely positive is that if we drive on hard surfaces, even if the road quality is not perfect, the operation will be extremely cultured. The shock absorber does not strike, and the shock absorber is perfect both in front and in the rear. With this scooter, I can imagine going long distances without getting tired, even without a seat, standing on it. Let's say, on second thought, I don't even have to imagine this, since the test lap was 26 kilometers and I passed without any problems.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 18

I already indicated above that the lighting will be good, and it is. The rear light is also good, the brake light is also quite strong. The index is unnecessary in its current state, because the red (not even yellow) running lights are on the side. It's visible from the side, but I don't think anyone will notice that you're indexing, not least because when the light is on, RGB light runs in line with the indexes on the bottom of the scooter. What is very positive is that these colorful lights make the machine quite noticeable in the dark, so this is also a chance to avoid being hit.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 19

Regarding the index, I would like to note that since we have an index, with a little skill, we can also install indexes on the handlebar end, since the electronics can handle this, and we also have an index switch. Of course, this will involve disassembling the scooter, but at least the opportunity is given.

There is one more thing that I did not like, and that is the brightness of the instrument cluster. I looked to see if it was possible to set it, but I couldn't find a way to do it (that means it might still be there). If the sun doesn't shine on it, the numbers on it are faintly visible, but if the light shines on it, then nothing is visible. Some relief from the problem, as I wasn't looking anyway, I only noticed it because I was interested in the top speed for the test.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 20

Anyway, I couldn't reach the maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour on a straight road. The maximum was 41 kilometers. It's also a fact that even a very slight slope was enough for the forty-five, so I let my crowd know that the factory data was not achieved.

I left the possible distance to the end. Well, shame or not, the iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX was the first test scooter that collapsed under me and I couldn't get home with it. Fortunately, the family jumped into the car and saved me, but it was still a lesson.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 21

The factory data is 40-75 kilometers with one charge, right? I trusted myself, I thought that if the deviation was that big, then the 40 would be valid for a speed of 75 kilometers higher and for economical driving. Well, that unfortunately didn't work out.

In fact, I was not spared, I pushed out the eyes that fit on the tube. I didn't spend even a minute, the light was on the whole time. Thus, I covered a distance of 26 kilometers between fully charging and fully discharging. In other words, I didn't even get the 40, rather I could experience what I always say anyway, half of the specified range, two-thirds of the real one. Well, two-thirds of the 40 kilometers came in here.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 22

I won't say if I had saved money, if I didn't push at a speed of 40-41 kilometers, but only at 20-25, then 40 would have been possible, but I don't know how 75 can be achieved even then. Chances are, not at all.




iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 23

If you've made it this far, you might wave your head in resignation, this is also only a good scooter on the promise level. Well, you couldn't be more wrong! The 800 watt motor pushes a lot, but not wildly, so you won't fall off it, but the cars starting from red (if your reflexes are good) will surprise you in the first 10-15 meters. I smiled a lot at the fact that, starting from the traffic lights, the motorists pushed hard to catch up, and then they looked at me curiously as they passed me. It's just an 800 watt scooter though.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 24

As I wrote above, the machine is really very cultured. It doesn't break your head, the brake applies firmly if necessary, you even have to hold on to the steering wheel during emergency braking. As a good tip, it is worth paying attention to the fact that, if possible, you start decelerating with the rear brake, then the rear shock absorber collapses a little, and the center of gravity moves further back. Well, that's when you hit the brakes for the first time, and there's a good chance you won't get stuck.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 25

In total, I traveled 35 kilometers with the scooter, this in two stages, and I can safely say that I was not tired at all. If it had been a seat, it would have been like that, but as I wrote, your legs won't rot even when you're standing, and your hands won't go numb from the vibrations and shaking, because there are no such things on this scooter. You walk on the asphalt as if you were gliding on ice, everything is really delicious!

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 26

I recommend the iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX to people who sometimes (or every day) want to cover slightly longer distances at a pace. If you don't push your eyes out, even in Pest, the range is enough to cross the city. Let's say a Kelenföld-Kaszásdűlő destination can easily be completed with it, but that is already a distance within the city.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 27

I live in a rural town, here I go back and forth across the city twice on one charge, so in such places the machine definitely has a right to exist. In fact, you can even ride it from the neighboring village if there is a bike path, because the top speed of over 40 makes the trip fast, and I think the 25-30 kilometer range is perfect at this speed.

What is the conclusion? Maybe it's that there are still no miracles. The current battery technology enables this range at this price level. In other words, in most cases not even this, because the iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX is particularly cheap among similar machines available on the market.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX – big scooter for big boys 28

I was a little afraid of this cheapness, but in the end I didn't find anything extra bad or surprising. The quality of the assembly seems good at first, after so much use, it doesn't creak, crackle, rattle, or resonate. It is really enjoyable to travel with him.

So the bottom line is that apart from the problems described above, I don't think they are significant, this is a good little machine, especially that the NNNALLIM4PS with a coupon code, instead of the original price of HUF 251, you can get it from the EU warehouse for HUF 000 by clicking on the link below. For this price, this machine is truly a gift.

iENYRID M4 PRO S+ MAX scooter

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