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Speakers from Scythe and other delicacies

As our readers have become accustomed to, we report regularly on Scythe products, no matter how small. Of course, this great effort is not entirely selfless, as Computermode, which represents Scythe in Hungary, is one of our oldest partners.

Speakers from Scythe and other delicacies 1

Of course, it is also true that these accounts do not have a hard time, as the mowing team produces a novelty that beats our hearts almost every month, and they do so in a way that quality scratches the perfect. Luckily we don’t have to sneak in without Scythe stuff this month either, the distributor surprised us again with some delicacies. In the package we found everything from a CPU cooler to a fan grille to a speaker. Let's stop for just one word! Yes, you read that well, a speaker arrived. The good old refrigeration company now also offers entry-level speakers for those who like the brand, and in addition to the speakers, there is even an amplifier in the package.

Speakers from Scythe and other delicacies 2

Let’s get over the surprise, let’s see exactly what products have arrived in our editorial office! 

Speakers from Scythe and other delicacies 3

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