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FunWater SUP at half the domestic prices

FunWater SUP at half the domestic prices

FunWater is a popular manufacturer, and Banggood offers a good price for their product.

FunWater SUP at half the domestic prices

The FunWater Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard (model SUPFR03A) is the perfect choice for any beginner or advanced user looking for water adventures. Whether you just want to have fun, get to know each other or explore new places, this board can be the best choice.

FunWater SUP at half the domestic prices 1

Made from new ultra-lightweight military-grade double-wall PVC material, which is 35% lighter than similar-sized products (just 9,4 kg), it provides excellent wear resistance, flexibility and longevity. The standard dimensions of a stand-up paddle board are 350 cm long, 84 cm wide and 15 cm thick, and its maximum load capacity is 150 kg.

FunWater SUP at half the domestic prices 2

Thanks to its unique ergonomic handle, it can be inflated more easily and in less time (12-15 psi). The multi-functional elastic cord securely secures objects placed on the stand-up paddle board. The universal and extra-large backpack helps you easily take the board to any location.

FunWater SUP at half the domestic prices 3

The package includes the inflatable paddle board, the adjustable length aluminum paddle, the high-pressure pump, the carrying bag, the three removable floats, the safety leash, and the waterproof mobile phone case. The domestic prices of the SUPFR03A model (Ocean) are roughly between HUF 150 and 170, compared to which Banggood made it available from the Czech warehouse for HUF 81. You must use the BGXIFD699 coupon code when purchasing at the following link:

Funwater Ocean (SUPFR03A) SUP


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