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Sale of Full HD security cameras, indoors for under $ 20

We got coupon promotions for lots of better than better cameras!

Xiaomi Mijia Smart IP Camera 1080P WiFi Pan-tilt Night Vision 360 Degree View Motion Detection Security Monitor White US Plug (2-pin)

You’ve bought quite a few security cameras lately, from which I concluded that it’s worth addressing the topic. Fortunately, this is not only what I think, but also by the people at Banggood, so they surprised us with a really great offer today.

Sale of Full HD security cameras, indoors for under $ 20 1

Among the optional cameras, one of the featured deals is the 4 camera, a Wi-Fi security kit, for which we also get an indoor unit next to the cameras. You just have to buy the maximum 1 terabyte hard drive, then install the cameras and the package is up and running. The resolution of the cameras is full HD, which is rare in wifis systems, we can also download a phone application for use. Of course we also get night mode and motion detection, the recording starts automatically. So it's a complete set, the equipment, the installation is simple, and what's more, it doesn't ask for much. The price of the current action is a little over 30 thousand forints!

Here you can buy it: 4 camera, wifis safety kit


Offers include several indoor units. Most of these are pan / tilt, ie rotatable and tiltable, so if you place the camera skillfully, one room will be enough for you to watch every zug. Cheaper cameras are now available for purchase under $ 20, but for the 12 camera, we get coupon action. These Camera15 We can buy coupon code with 15 percent extra discount.

Sale of Full HD security cameras, indoors for under $ 20 2

Indoor cameras also have all the essential features that can be expected from them. We get camera movement through the telephone application, we have night mode, motion detection and two-way audio connection, so there are microphones and speakers in the cameras.

If you are looking for a cheap camera, you can find the cheapest ones here:

It is worth scrolling down the page after the cameras, as we find additional security stuff. There is a smart video doorbell, a smart door lock, and we also find complete alarm kits with indoor unit, motion sensor and door / window sensor. Needless to say, the prices are good, otherwise I wouldn't recommend this site! 😉

Sale of Full HD security cameras, indoors for under $ 20 3


The action page with coupon cameras and other security gadgets can be found here: Security Techniques, Cameras and more in Banggood Store

Sale of Full HD security cameras, indoors for under $ 20 4

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