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Tension is incessant - do we need it?

Motherboards, video cards, processors and memories. They’re exciting hardware, but they’re only good for letter weights, and not even a processor or memory. To be truly exciting, you need something, an essential component, and that is electricity.

Okay, it's obvious what it's about, power supplies. It is a mistake, as the voltage required for operation is not produced in the power supply, but is obtained from the repeatedly mentioned walled rop. Let's not look any further now, because in this case it is unnecessary to go to the power plants.


So, the hardware without power is worth nothing, the power is there in the wall, you need a cable, and you have been pounding inside the machine for energy. We are happy until we get a big boost from this energy due to a power fluctuation or we are disconnected from the grid due to a technical problem.

In the first case, if we’re out of luck, a tiny strip of smoke comes up from our hardware, in the second case, the machine simply shuts down, and we can pray that our data is safe even when we turn it on.

So what is our article about? You hit it, about the uninterruptible power supplies, more specifically one of the types we got from Kelly-Techt to try. We mentioned in the introduction to the article that uninterrupted voltage is harmful if it misfortunes us, but for our machines, redemption itself in the event of a fault in the electrical network, be it a power fluctuation or a power failure.

So let’s see what device can protect us from these accidents.

Tension is incessant - do we need it? 1

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