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Seagate speeds up Xbox One

Seagate speeds up Xbox One

The company today announced the new Xbox Drive SSDs.

Seagate Game Drive XBox SSD3

The SSD storage devices developed for Xbox One consoles are available in three different capacities: 2 TB, 1 TB and 500 GB. Officially certified devices not only increase the storage capacity of the console, but can also speed up its operation - here you should think primarily about a more agile load, but it can also be good against possible micro-jams.

Seagate Game Drive for Xbox SSD

According to Seagate, the gaming machine will immediately recognize and then put the Game Drive for Xbox SSD ready to fight in about two minutes, after which we can use the device at the speed of USB 3.0 (reading speed of roughly 540 MB / s).

The new Game Drive for Xbox SSD product line will be available at retailers from the end of the summer, with prices as follows:

  • 2TB capacity - $ 600
  • 1TB capacity - $ 300
  • 500GB size - $ 150

So the gadget is by no means a cheap one, but it is guaranteed to improve the gaming experience.

Source: Seagate

Speed ​​up Xbox One with Seagate 1

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