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This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer

This Blitzwolf stuff is worth buying this month.

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 1

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For the past year and a half, Blitzwolf has become very muscular. Initially the most conquered by its car accessories, chargers, headphones and earphones, the brand is now present in a wide range of areas. Gamer stuff, projectors, home appliances organized into the BlitzHome sub-brand, and I could go on and on.

It’s no coincidence that I’m getting more and more Blitzwolf stuff. I no longer bought Xiaom for the second or third air purifier, but there is a Blitzwolf smart light on the ceiling, a Blitzwolf (BlitzHome) coffee maker in the kitchen and a hot-air oven and grill. But Blitzwolf is my desk and car phone holder, my charger, and I have three Blitzwolf chairs and two Blitzwolf tables in my office. But even beyond that, I have at least a dozen BW widgets from the massager to the external battery to one of my lamps used for video.

So for the Blitzwolf adult, prices haven’t gone down, feel free to dare to say that it’s one, if not the best price-performance brand on the market today, so it’s worth counting on!



  1. Open the product page in the list below by clicking on the product name
  2. Click on "Buy Now"And then at the top right of the window that opens, click"Discounts ” under the heading "Coupons ” lol
  3. The "Input coupon code ” Copy the coupon code in the box below and use the "Use ” button.
  4. Then come the “Place Order”Button and you can complete the purchase.


BlitzHome BH-AF1 and BH-AF2 oil-free ovens

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 2

The world has changed insanely since I wrote my test on ovens. Back then, a healthy lifestyle was the main reason for their use, but there were already two more important arguments. Exemption from energy consumption and cooking oil. The former means that if you turn on the traditional electric oven to fry potatoes with hot air, etc., it will be much cheaper to use these ovens, because while the traditional oven is warming up, the food in them is cooked in them. And oil-free is important because who knows how much it will cost, or even if it will cost at all.

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 3

I don’t write much about ovens right now, as I presented both of them in detail in the test and even made a video for them. What is important, however, is that the AF1 can be purchased from the Polish warehouse in the introductory promotion, there is no coupon here, but there is a low price due to the introductory promotion. Delivery is expected to start on June 21. The price is HUF 30.

AF2 is in stock, here you can use coupon code BGBHAF26. The price of the oven will be 30 thousand forints.

Buy here:

BlitzHome BH-AF1

BlitzHome BH-AF2


You can find my article on ovens here: OIL-FREE FRYING - BLITZWOLF HOT AIR OVENS TEST



BlitzWolf BW-KC1 and KC2 cameras for kids

I have already tried KC1, it will be tested at some point, but KC2 has not been to me yet. Let’s say there aren’t too many differences in capabilities between the two cameras anyway, as the resolution is the same, both have quite a large display as well. The KC1 is more focused on cameras, while the KC2 is more focused on action cameras. The latter fact is also supported by the fact that we also get a waterproof case for KC2.

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 4

I’m not saying they know studio quality, but recording 1080p videos at 30 frames isn’t bad, it’s kind of enough for a camera like this for kids. They are hard to ruin, the manufacturer also adds a memory card, which of course can be replaced if you want.

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 5

The point is that with these cameras, children can capture the important moments of their lives, a holiday, a birthday or whatever, and we can get to know the world of the little ones from the perspective of our child through the pictures and videos. Third, they don’t want to ask for your phone all the time to video.

You can find the chambers here:

BlitzWolf BW-KC1 - Coupon code: BG0b41a5 - 5370 Ft

BlitzWolf BW-KC2 - Coupon code: BG1095b3 - 7288 Ft



BlitzWolf BW-HOC2, HOC4 and HOC6 office chairs

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 6

For a long time, Blitzwolf gamer chairs were the hits, but nowadays, office chairs are more prevalent. This may be due to the fact that you can already get cheap gamer chairs in the domestic offer - although in my experience they still don't catch up with the Blitzwolf in terms of quality, but there are fewer office chairs.

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 7

These office chairs, both cheap and more expensive, are approx. They bring IKEA standards, only cheaper of course. The HOC2 is a relatively simple yet comfortable swivel chair with armrests. The HOC4 is already a more serious piece, with a high backrest and headrest, but with basically HOC2-like mechanics. The HOC6, on the other hand, is a serious piece, with quality mechanics and comfortable padding.

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 8

From the offer, I think everyone will find the solution they need. Below are the links, coupon codes and prices:

BlitzWolf BW-HOC2 - Coupon code: BGHUMX435 - 21 104 Ft

BlitzWolf BW-HOC4 - Coupon code: BG6e0c49 - 38 374 Ft

BlitzWolf BW-HOC6 - Coupon code: BG8b77a1 - 49 120 Ft



Blitzwolf car stuff

The best Chinese gadgets of the week under 5000 forints 6

I found three products in this chapter, I think they are also useful, in fact, there are some that can save lives with a little exaggeration. The easiest is a quick charger that will charge your tablet, phones, drone, flashlight and a thousand other things while traveling. This Blitzwolf charger with 2 ports expands the possibilities, and the fact that it can charge up to 100 watts on the USB Type-C port is just icing on the cake.

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 9

The second is a very showy and interesting phone holder that you can put in the fan grille or on the dashboard. The interesting thing about this structure is that it works automatically, ie there is no need to snap the ears holding and unlocking the phone. This is achieved by incorporating an infrared sensor in the holder that detects our phone and closes the jaws. This structure also needs power, but the built-in battery is described to allow one month of operation. Interesting piece.

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 10

The third product is a pocket. It also has several benefits, we can use the 12 mAh capacity as an external battery to charge a phone or other device, but we can also use it for what it was primarily intended to do, which is to start our car from it. If the battery dies, you will bless the structure because you will not stay on the side of the road. When fully charged, there are several options to start, so we can look for a store where we can buy a new battery.

Prices, links and coupon codes at the following links:

BLITZWOLF BW-SD8 QUICK CHARGER - Coupon code: BGcc5136 - 5753 Ft

BlitzWolf BW-CF2 phone holder - Coupon code: BGHU2168 - 4625 Ft

BlitzWolf BW-JS1 pocket - Coupon code: BGJUN434 - 17 266 Ft


Gamer stuff

There are also three products here, namely two headphones and a gamer table. I have been using the latter myself for over a year with complete satisfaction!

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 11

The AA-GB1 is designed for gamers, but not just for gaming. RGB lights can be turned on, it can sound 7.1, and has a large 50mm drive. The attenuation is 30 ohms, the transmission frequency is 20-20 hertz, the impedance is -000 ± 42dB. Another important thing is the USB connector on it, so computers can be used well.

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 12

The BlitzWolf AirAux AA-GB4 is similar in capabilities to the GB1, but it also looks like it's a more serious piece. We get better bass and a much better playing experience because they have a built-in 30mm drive per side that is only responsible for transmitting vibrations. So while I can recommend GB1 for general purposes as well, the price of GB4 is already best worth paying for if you’re a serious gamer. I note coupons are now given at half price, so they are cheaper than the smaller version!

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 13

The third item on this list is a gamer table, which, as I said myself, I use. Quite large, essentially the entire surface of a bazi is a large fabric mouse pad. I have been stretching for more than a year, but neither tearing nor abrasion, although I have been exposed to all sorts of physical influences. Cleaning the surface of the fabric is also easy, it is often enough to wipe it with a dry cloth, but if it gets dirty too, you don't need detergent or detergent. Worth the price, but very much!

Prices, coupon codes, links here:

BlitzWolf AirAux AA-GB1 headphones - Coupon code: BGab2544 - 9974 Ft

BlitzWolf AirAux AA-GB4 headphones - Coupon code: BG817b6f - 9207 Ft

BlitzWolf BW-GD2 gaming table - Coupon code: BG152f8a - 46 049 Ft





This is the group of monitor support arms. We also find several types of this, one or two monitors, simpler and more powerful, which can withstand up to 32-inch monsters.

The best Blitzwolf promotions of the week - get ready for Christmas! 11

I’ve been thinking about getting a faculty like this for a while, but I think I’m waiting for the end of the summer now, so hopefully I can move into a new office. And in the meantime, I’m fine with the current system, though I don’t like it because there’s a bunch of unused space under and behind the monitor that I won’t even be able to use while my monitor is on its feet and not hanging on a support arm.

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 14

If you are not angry at these, I will not break down the products separately, as they are essentially all about the same thing. The difference is in the load capacity and whether one or two monitors can be mounted on them. Of course, prices also change in light of this. In the list below you will find links, coupon codes and prices.







Telephone accessories

I also found three products in this group, from cheap to more expensive.

The best EU stock of Chinese gadgets far below 5000 16

The first of these will be the most suitable for this phone reader for phones, tablets or notebooks. USB Type-C on one side and MicroUSB on the other, but if you fold the tab down, you get a traditional USB port. So, this is a 3 in one unit that can be used for essentially any USB port. The speed is 5 Gbps, the interface is USB 3.0, so it's as fast as it should be.

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 15

The second product is a selfie stick, but not just any, I don't think many of you have seen. It's a real professional construction, because in addition to the usual Bluetooth remote control and the tripod-foldable legs, you get two more very useful extras. One is a lamp that enables our face to take photos even in low light conditions, and the other is a condenser microphone that allows us to record videos with good sound quality.

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 16

So this is a complete set that can be suitable for even semi-professional vloggers. Compared to this, the price is not high, but you will see it at the end of the paragraph!

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 17

The third product is a gimbal made specifically for phones, which will allow you to make beautiful smooth, shock-free videos. 3-axle, so this is the better variety, compared to the price remained quite slim. There is, of course, an app that we can install on our phone, and through that we get a lot of exciting features. You can use your phone in landscape or portrait mode. There is a time laps (accelerated recording) feature, there is object tracking, a picture in picture feature, filters and a lot more.

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 18

As usual with links, prices and acuponcodes:

BlitzWolf BW-CR1 - Coupon code: BG43cfe5 - 4486 Ft

BlitzWolf BW-BS15 - Coupon code: BGbd9075 - 6137 Ft

BlitzWolf BW-BS14 Pro - Coupon code: BGHU2183 - 27 628 Ft



Coffee makers

The CMM2 is an espresso machine with the standard arm solution. The coffee must be placed in a strainer and the strainer in the strainer. It can cook one or two servings at a time. If you want to make really good coffee, you might want to get a coffee grinder along with it, but of course you can also buy better quality ground bread, you won't shoot it with it either. In addition to the quality of the coffee, you can vary the taste and creaminess of the final product by compressing the coffee cake in a filter.

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 19

Of course, like I said, the point of this coffee maker is not that you can experiment with coffee for hours, days, but that you can make creamy, frothy, delicious coffee in a matter of seconds. He also has the knowledge to do so. Precise thermometer sensor so that the water temperature is always in the ideal range of 92-95 degrees and a maximum pressure of 20 bar, which is really only typical of more expensive machines.

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 20

It is also important to get a whole well-used steamer with the machine, which can be used to make quite a professional latte or cappuccino. Well, I'm not even multiplying the word anymore, read my article, watch my video about the machine: ITALIAN CAFE IN THE KITCHEN? BLITZWOLF COFFEE MAKING TEST

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 21

And here’s the next machine, which is an entry-level machine, even if we look at machines made for home baristas. As with all Blitzwolf machines, it is much cheaper than machines with similar knowledge from more well-known brands, in which case the price difference can be as much as 250 percent, in favor of BlitzWolf (Home).

The CMM5 is a machine that can make perfect coffee, but it takes some experimentation, as we can customize almost anything with the machine. On the built-in grinder you can adjust the fineness of the grind in 15 steps, but you can also influence how much grind to use to make a dose. We can also adjust the amount of water, but best of all, we also have a real-time pressure sensor on this machine that allows us to make the perfect espresso.

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 22

According to experts, 12- maximum 15 bar is what is needed to make coffee, at a pressure above this, the coffee cake is already squeezed by the water / steam. The pressure can be controlled by the roughness of the grind and how much the coffee cake is compressed in the filter. In addition, the extent of these varies from coffee to coffee, and there may be a thousand and one things involved, such as the type of roasting. For me, for example, the last time I bought coffee was replaced by a delicacy of five and a stronger squeezing.

I would like to highlight three more interesting features of the machine. One is the very accurate flow sensor, which can be used to really adjust the amount of water needed for coffee with milliliter accuracy. The other is temperature control, which keeps water at a best temperature of 92 degrees. The third is the pressure sensor, which can automatically drain the steam left in the system after making coffee.

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 23

So the CMM5 is made for those who want to get the most out of their coffee at home. For those who don’t regret taking some time to make the best coffee possible, who also want to dazzle their guests with a good coffee.

You can read my test of the machine here: COFFEE MACHINE FOR BEGINNERS WITH LOVE - BLITZHOME BH-CMM5 TEST

As usual, links, coupon codes and prices:

Blitzwolf BW-CMM2 - Coupon code: BG00f5df - 28 012 Ft

Blitzhome BH-CMM5 - Coupon code: BGb6ae11 - 104 767 Ft


Other stuff mixed

If Xiaomi is too expensive, buy these instead 3

Not smart in the classical sense, that is, in vain you tell him: My mirror, my mirror says nicely…. will not respond. You can't even pair it with your phone or watch the news while brushing your teeth, but it still has some smart features. For example, it has a section with a magnifying mirror that also received lighting. You can also adjust the brightness of the lighting and the temperature of the light from cold to warm. Waterproof, of course, can be adjusted with touch-sensitive buttons, and the icing on the cake is that it even has a dehumidifying function.

You can currently buy it in two sizes. THE BGBWMIR1 with a coupon code the price is HUF 39 at the following link:




If Xiaomi is too expensive, buy these instead 15

The Blitzwolf introduced its air purifiers before last year, and I can say without exaggeration that it was a huge success with them. They are the same in terms of knowledge, or even better in some of their capabilities than Xiaomi air purifiers, plus they are much cheaper. They are now in action on one of their smaller, say bedroom air purifiers, the AP1. I also wrote a test about this, which you can read there: BLITZHOME BH-AP1 AND AP1C - CHEAP AIR CLEANER TWIN TEST

This machine with coupon code BGa91dfa is now available at an extra cheap price of HUF 23 here:




If Xiaomi is too expensive, buy these instead 4

It looks like a plain extension, but it really isn’t. In fact, it has room for 8 220 plugs, but there are also three standard USB (A) sockets and a USB Type-C connector. You can use fast charging through these. There is a switch that allows you to unplug everything, but there are also a lot of protections, such as overload, overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, and the whole structure is made of refractory material.

So the point is, you can use a lot of devices from one hub, which will also be safe.

The price of the product is a BGHU2191 or the BGHU2198 with coupon code HUF 9974 here:




The best Blitzwolf promotions in February 8

If you buy one, you'll never have to sit on a cold board again. Plus. There is a bidet function, there is a self-cleaning function, it sterilizes itself with UV light, the seat temperature, water temperature, water jet intensity and position are adjustable, there is a separate wash function for ladies and separate babies, and there is a slightly weird mood in the toilet. The latter ability seems a bit redundant, but the rest is really good! Plus, it looks good, and if guests come, you’ll wait for someone to finally go where the kings are on foot.

Obviously I also wrote a test for this, you can read here: WE TESTED - BLITZWOLF SMART TOILET SEAT FOR THE FOOT GUARD

A BGHUMX051 with coupon code they are asking for 69 money here:




15 Chinese Widgets to Spend 9

Showy clock with extras like a 24-hour heart monitor, step count, incoming message display, so everything you would expect from a smartwatch today. It supports 10 sports, monitors the quality of our sleep, and knows a thousand other things. Plus, it looks great with a round dial (which is replaceable, of course) and an exterior that evokes traditional wind-up watches. The price of a BG0f30d4 with a coupon code of HUF 15, of course it also comes from the Czech warehouse without customs clearance and customs costs. Click here if you liked it:




If Xiaomi is too expensive, buy these instead 16

The Danube can be blocked with external batteries, but there is a niche market that has not been very filled so far. And this is the area of ​​small powerbanks. The range of external batteries is almost the same, manufacturers tend to vary in thickness depending on capacity. Blitzwolf is now carved from the length of the powerbank, creating a livable piece with a capacity of 10 mAh. A piece in a women's purse!

The battery price without coupon is HUF 7671 here:







By the end again the usual things! If you want to buy cheap, join our Facebook group because there are no coupons we can’t find!


We are waiting for you on our YouTube channel with a lot of video tests and live broadcasts, check out the tried and tested products on the go!



At the time of writing, all products can be ordered from the EU warehouse (CZ, PL, ES or FR). Pay attention, if you run out of products from the EU warehouse, the link will automatically jump to the Chinese warehouse.

If you order from a Chinese warehouse, use the EU Priority Line shipping method, Banggood will say this is also duty free for arrivals after July 1st. For sure, you can calculate on a secure basis that you will have to pay the 399 HUF customs clearance fee when ordering from China! 

This is the 28 best Blitzwolf action for the beginning of summer 24

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