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Banggood’s 13th birthday promotion has started

Banggood’s 13th birthday promotion has started

August 18 and September 18. There are plenty of promotions and games waiting for you, and new customers will receive a $ 200 coupon package.


Banggood's birthday brings good promotions every year, closing the summer and opening the fall promotion season. We still have plenty to offer.

Banggood's 13th Birthday Promotion Launches 1

New registrants are rewarded with a $ 200 coupon package. That's $ 100 anyway, but now it's a second centenary because of the birthday, to make us feel good. In fact, the first purchase after the new registration gives you an 100 and the second 200 a redeemable point, while the third purchase gives you 2 percent of your cashback. So it's worth signing up and checking out the birthday specials.

Banggood's 13th Birthday Promotion Launches 2

The really big discounts will only come in the second half of the birthday promotion, and there will be quite interesting discounts as well. At Banggood, we want to bring in new customers, so they encourage us to create customer groups. With these groups, on the one hand, you can take part in 1 cent promotions, a lucky member of the team gets only the 1 cents on the product you have chosen, and on the other hand, the group can also participate in games worth 10 000. Plus, if our team has a minimum 13 membership, we will be able to participate in more lucky wheel type games where we can roll out different prizes.

Banggood's 13th Birthday Promotion Launches 3

For our part, we recommend you follow the launch of promotions and games, and really start to build customer groups, because 1 cent promotions can't be lost, the worst thing that can happen is that you don't win the product. But with other games you could still win, so go on, adventure!

Banggood's 13th Birthday Promotion Launches 4

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