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ELEGLIDE COOZY - a really cozy electric scooter!

ELEGLIDE COOZY - a really cozy electric scooter!

Eleglide makes more and more beautiful scooters, Coozy is no exception.

ELEGLIDE COOZY - a really cozy electric scooter!

Eleglide is not a modern player in the electric scooter market. For years, we have been receiving new two-wheelers from them month after month, mostly always a little better than the previous series. They have a small one with solid wheels, a larger urban one, and a powerful all-rounder. Eleglide Coozy can best be classified in the middle group.

ELEGLIDE COOZY - a really cozy electric scooter! 1

To be honest, we don't find much of interest in terms of the powertrain's capabilities. Everywhere we see the usual data, i.e. 350 watt motor, 36 volt system, 12,5 Ah battery. In other words, nothing extra, but this does not mean that there is a problem with the machine, they simply did not change what worked. If the drive chain has not changed, then the distance that can be covered on a single charge, the maximum load capacity and the maximum speed have also remained. In order, they are 50-55 Km, 120 Kg and 25 Km/hour.

ELEGLIDE COOZY - a really cozy electric scooter! 2

What has changed are the exterior and comfort equipment. Even during my previous Eleglide roller test, I was amazed at how much the manufacturer paid attention to the quality components, and this is no different for me now. However, they paid attention not only to the components, but also to the design, but very much so! The frame neck "cast together" with the platen looks very good, and there are no complaints about the handlebars either. However, what I like best is the instrument panel hidden in the upper part of the handlebar.

ELEGLIDE COOZY - a really cozy electric scooter! 3

Among the services we can now find Bluetooth, and of course the vehicle also comes with a phone application. On this, we can view the usual data, such as distance traveled, maximum and average speed, and the like. What is interesting is that we receive a signal if someone moves the scooter. Another safety solution is that the operation of the throttle lever can be disabled from the application. Let's say, if you listen to me, you don't rely on these solutions, because it's a scooter, you can roll it without help, so some physical protection doesn't hurt if you have it with you.

What's also worth highlighting is that the scooter also received an index, and if the pictures aren't deceiving, it's on the handlebar end, which is a pretty visible place. The front and rear lights are of course a given, just as the brake light is no longer too much of a novelty. At the same time, with the inclusion of the index, the lighting became perfect!

ELEGLIDE COOZY - a really cozy electric scooter! 4

What is unfortunate is that the increasingly beautiful exterior and the increasingly better quality are becoming more and more expensive. Added to this is the fact that the forint is getting less and less every week, and there is also the discounted price of 229 forints available with the coupon. I insert here that the price of electric vehicles, scooters and bicycles in the last two months is cc. It's up 30 percent, and where does it end…

ELEGLIDE COOZY - a really cozy electric scooter! 5

If you liked it and you don't want to wait for it to be even more expensive, that is ELECOOZY you can buy it by clicking on the link below using a coupon code. Polish warehouse, free shipping!

ELEGLIDE COOZY electric scooter

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