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DURGOD K320 NKRO - old school exterior with modern interior

DURGOD K320 NKRO - old school exterior with modern interior

Let’s say it’s fixed that it’s not a cheap pastime.



DURGOD K320 NKRO Gaming Mechanical Keyboard - $ 74,99

For $ 74,99, this stuff could be a joke - it was my first thought when I saw this product. Heck, the Cherry MX microswitches (brown) work in it, and we can connect it to our PC via a USB Type-C cable. Here, the suspicion was well-founded that it was possible to play with it, and indeed, because the distributor recommends the wired keyboard specifically for gaming.

durgod k320

What do you absolutely need to know about such mechanical keyboards? The fact that they are somewhat louder than their traditional counterparts, but their advantages are durability, ghosting freedom (it detects multiple keystrokes without any problems at the same time), repairability (in case of a problem we only need to replace the damaged switch), fast (this is now 1 ms means) and precise communication. Nor is it incidental that, according to experts, due to the long keyboard distance and the less defined lower point, the mechanical operation is also good for our fingers, and the joints are less stressed. 

bill shortcut

In the image above, you can see that accessing the multimedia functions has been solved a bit tricky: we achieve these with a combination of FN and F1… F7. In principle, it is also possible to call up different profiles (FN + F12), this can be solved with the manufacturer's program (Durgod Zeus Engine) - for that much money you can easily expect the right software background, because it is a fact that the DURGOD K320 is not a penny.


DURGOD K320 NKRO - old school exterior with modern interior 1

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