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Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gamer chair test

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gamer chair test

If you sit in front of the machine all day, it doesn't hurt if your chair spoils your back a little!

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gamer chair test



There are things in life that must be tried. Have you tried a good gaming chair? Yes! Have I tried it wrong? Yes! Have you tried a massager? NOOOOO! It was clear that I had to try it.

The Douxlife GC-RC03 is relatively new, and compared to what it claims to be able to massage, it is surprisingly cheap. They sell it for about the same as an entry-level top Chinese gamer chair, one that doesn't massage. It was clear that curiosity won out when they asked me if I wanted to try it. I had to try it out to figure out where the twist in the story is that makes it so cheap.

Well, I think I figured it out, and by the end of the article you will too!


Paper form

Let's see the catalog data first!

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair test 2

The Douxlife GC-RC03 is a completely ordinary-looking gaming chair, approx. it's like a thousand others. Its material is metal, plastic and artificial leather. The seat and backrest are of the wider type, so they do not squeeze our thighs too much. Quantified, this means that the width of the seating surface is 41 centimeters.

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair test 3

The total height of the chair can vary between 130-140 centimetres, which immediately shows that you can raise the height by 10 centimetres, or reduce the height of the sitting surface by this amount from the highest point. Quantitatively, this means a seat height of between 46-56 cm.

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair test 4

Of course, we have the option of tilting the backrest back, but we can also tilt the seat surface. If we tilt both completely back, we will be in a quasi-lying position, the angle of inclination will be 175 degrees. The height of the armrest can also be adjusted, but not only that, we can also turn the upper part of the armrest that holds our arms. Of course, you can adjust how easily the seat tilts when you recline, for this you get the usual twistable adjuster at the bottom.

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair test 5

Another important data is the load capacity. In our case, the castors are given at 270 pounds, which is approx. It means 122 kilos. This can be understood as our castors, so since there are 5 of them, our mass is distributed on them, so the load capacity of the chair will be higher. Specifically, the manufacturer specifies 150 kilos, which fortunately I cannot test.

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair test 6



The assembly was easier than usual, which is due to the fact that some parts came already screwed on.

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair test 7

The rest are essentially unchanged compared to the other chairs.

The four legs of the star-shaped leg are in place, we have to snap one in, I think this is due to the reduction of the size of the box. The castors are easy to snap into place. When you are done with this, the spring can go into the sole, and you can put the plastic covering on it.

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair test 8

In the next step, you have to screw the tilting mechanism to the bottom of the seat, then you can screw the armrests in the same place. Unlike usual, the footrest (because there is one) and the mechanisms and joints holding the backrest come already screwed into place.

If you've made it this far, you can now put the seat plate on top of the spring! All you have to do is tighten the 4 screws of the backrest, snap on the cover elements and the caps covering the screws, and you can jump into your new chair.

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair test 9

Also, you could jump if something hadn't been left out. And this something is connecting the cables, because remember, this is a massage chair, it needs electricity, it also has a wired remote control, these must be connected!

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair test 10

You can connect the back panel with the seat panel with a connector. Then reach into the back pocket and find the power connector and the remote control sleeve. Connect the EU plug wall adapter, plug in the remote control cable, the adapter can go into the outlet, and now plug it in, because you're ready!

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair test 11

The test is coming!



Before I start listing the specific experiences, let's see the beauty, that is, the answer to the question posed in the introduction. How can it be so cheap?

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair test 12

Chinese chairs are all built from the same parts. And by this you should understand that both those that are in Jysk and those that you buy from such and such places, from various domestic or foreign traders.

Assembling the chairs from the parts is as if the manufacturer (who is actually not a manufacturer, but a customer) is working. There is a catalog with many types of backrests, seats, mechanics, armrests, legs, castors, etc. etc. etc. These are mostly hole-compatible parts, so you can choose and assemble a million different types of chairs.

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair test 13

The "manufacturer" then says that I would like to get the chair for 10 forints (10 forints just for the sake of example). I want the backrest to be comfortable, the rest is less important. So you choose an expensive backrest, everything else will be cheap, and in the end you will get a comfortable chair with a backrest labeled with your own name.

For the other, it is important that the mechanics are durable and that the seat is padded. For the third, to have as many things as possible, but comfort is not so important, and I could go on all day long.

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair test 14

So the bottom line is that in order for a "manufacturer" to be able to put together a cheap chair that can also massage, it has to hold back on some capabilities. Well, Douxlife has selected the following components:

  • Massage back and seat
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Comfortable backrest with only lumbar support
  • Mid-range tilt mechanism
  • Mid-range backrest tilt and hinge
  • Cheap legs and castors
  • Mid-range spring

It is clear how many different chairs can be built from almost the same materials. My own Blitzwolf chair, for example, is equipped with a medium-padded but very comfortable seat, a very comfortable backrest even without a lumbar cushion, very high-quality mechanics, metal legs and high-quality castors. Looking at its price (no longer available), it would be slightly more expensive than the Douxlife GC-RC03, but it doesn't massage anyway.

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair test 15

I think everyone now understands how things are going with the cheaper chairs, and the list above shows where Douxlife saved money. A lot on the castor and wheels, but you can't feel them when you sit in them, the service life will be only 15 years, not 10, and the castor won't be so good for, say, softwood floors or carpets.

The seat is comfortable, but the backrest is not so much, but this can be helped with the waist pillow, which is much cheaper than if you had bought a better quality backrest.

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair test 16

Overall, the idea seems good, and I can say that it is good, because despite the fact that they worked with relatively little money, they put together a very comfortable chair.

From the above, it has become clear to many of you that the Douxlife GC-RC03 has become a comfortable chair. Gamer, quite hard, but not the typical, real, hard, low-back gamer chair, but one that is good to sit in and doesn't break our back even if we work for many hours on our computer.

Of course, everyone is interested in what the massage function is like in it. Well, anyone who has ever sat in a real massage chair will be disappointed, it's not like that. There are no up and down "crawling" rollers here, you can't choose between different types of massage, you don't feel like it's tearing your back when it hits a muscle knot. This chair "only" vibrates.

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair test 17

It just vibrates, but it does so quite pleasantly. You can choose from four zones that you can vibrate, there is also a separate one for our thighs. You can choose between two vibration strengths and different vibration patterns.

This chair is not a massage, not a massage in the way a masseur or a more serious roller chair is. This vibration only relaxes the muscles, helps you to relax, relaxes you. It does not press or massage the muscle knots, nor does it help your stiff waist or neck. In short, its task is completely different from that of a traditional massage chair.

As I wrote, it is also a very pleasant experience. Or at least it is for me, we are not the same, so I can only hope that it will be the same for you. But why not?

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair test 18

I am a person who lives my life in front of the computer. I don't spend time playing, but working, but it's not uncommon for me to spend 10 hours a day in front of the computer. It is very important to me that my chair is comfortable, and that when I need to, I can lean back and "relax" in it for 10-15 minutes before I continue writing, editing videos or editing pictures with renewed vigor. Well, the Douxlife GC-RC03 is good for that.

If I could choose and have a say in the design, I would have said that I would rather ask for a more expensive backrest, I would have paid the extra price and then it would have been perfect. PERFECT! Thus, in its current form, it is "only" very good.



I know I didn't make the article long, but maybe it doesn't need to be longer than that. I wrote the gist.

The Douxlife GC-RC03 became a very pleasant chair enhanced by vibration massage. In my opinion, the selection of the parts was reasonable, the lower quality parts were chosen in places where they do not or only slightly affect the comfort. Such are the rollers, the legs, the mechanics. Perhaps the one exception is the backrest, I'm used to the more expensive ones, in comparison the Douxlife GC-RC03 backrest "only" provides the usual comfort.

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair test 19

In conclusion, I can say that it is worth the price by far. It can be suitable for play and work. How it will hold up in the long term, I can't say from a test of a few weeks. If I start from the BlitzWolf chairs that I currently have and are of a similar category, then there will be no problem with that either, since I have a chair that has been here for more than two years and has no fatigue or material wear like the new one.

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair test 20

If you feel that you would like such a chair for yourself, then a BG53b37b you can buy it from a Czech warehouse with a coupon code for HUF 67 by clicking on the link below.

Douxlife GC-RC03 massage gaming chair

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