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They ask only 79 for the Redmi tablet!

They ask only 79 for the Redmi tablet!

We've been waiting for the Redmi tablet for a long time, but the wait is over!

They ask only 79 for the Redmi tablet!

Of course, Redmi cannot beat Xiaomi, it would be strange if their tablet was more powerful than the Xiaomi Pad 5. It's not, but it still has plenty of cocoa in it, and no matter how new it is, even with the current crappy exchange rate, its price remains well below HUF 100!

They ask only 79 for the Redmi tablet! 1

The Redmi Pad received the MediaTek Helio G99, which was introduced in April this year, which is an improved version of the G96. The AG in these stands for Gaming, so these tiles are pretty well tipped when it comes to performance. Compared to the G96, not much has changed, but the increased core speeds and the new 6-nanometer production technology required for the increase are still remarkable. The Cortex-A76 cores of the processor can now spin at 2,2 GHz.

They ask only 79 for the Redmi tablet! 2

In addition to the procedure, the machine also has some interesting features. The 3 GB of system memory and 64 GB of storage in the smallest version (4/128 or 6/128 can also be selected) are not yet among them, but the 90 Hz refresh rate, 2K resolution, 10,61-inch display already yes. Of course, it's not AMOLED, that would be an exaggeration in this price category, but anyway, probably no one will complain about this display.

They ask only 79 for the Redmi tablet! 3

Another interesting thing is that the Redmi Tablet received the familiar 4-speaker sound system with Dolby Atmos support from the Xiaomi Pad. The machine has a battery with a capacity of 8000 mAh, according to the manufacturer's description, this allows 26 hours of operation when reading, 21 hours when watching videos and 12 hours when playing games. We also get fast charging for the battery, it can be 18 watts with the factory charger.

They ask only 79 for the Redmi tablet! 4

The appearance of the machine is also fine, the design is very similar to the Xiaomi Pad, and since it was very convincing, it became this one. The housing is made of metal, the machine is 7 millimeters thick and weighs 445 grams. We have both front and back cameras, although the size of the rear optics is just an eyesore, because according to the description, the resolution is only 8 megapixels. The front camera is also 8, the only difference is that it has a wider viewing angle than the rear one.

They ask only 79 for the Redmi tablet! 5

The machine can be purchased in two colors, it can be gray and green, and the memory/backup configuration is 3/64 GB, 4/128 GB or 6/128 GB. The price of the smallest construction is a AE358D7611F1 now HUF 79 with a coupon code, which means a roughly HUF 15 discount on the previous price. Buy by clicking on the link below:

Redmi Pad tablet

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