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Rage motorized navigation with a strange grip

Anyone who rides a motorcycle knows how helpful a good navigation can be when we go hiking. To say the least, it’s hard to stand aside with a motor and turn the map. Well, a gadget called Rage can be a perfect choice if ...

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Updated map on Sygic navigations

This news is no longer ashy since the update took place at the end of last month, but as we have recently started working on WayteQ products, it is important to have information on our site as well. The latest map pack for Android ...

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Garmin has introduced a sleek PNA

The nüvi 1490T is approximately 25% thinner than previous nüvi models. Of course, the 5-inch device with a touch-sensitive display still runs the company's own software, which, if not complex ...

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SCOUT: golf ball finder

While playing golf, it can be very uncomfortable if the ball does not come out after a long hit. The Sanderson Golf product helps with this. The two-megapixel camera of the mobile phone-sized (120,7 × 63,5 × 31,8 mm) ball detection device is a digital ...

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Free iGO software and map update

The free addition to the iGO navigation program can be ideal for those preparing for a holiday, as the update includes new maps of the resorts that are so popular with Hungarians. The iGO software update ...

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