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AMD strengthens with Budapest

Three new Opteron processors have been announced by the manufacturer.

It recommends AMD’s latest Opteron series, rated 1300, for one-way servers and workstations. By the way, after the code of the central units belonging to this family, we can greet Budapest after our beloved capital, ie Barcelona, ​​in the line of K10-based Opterons.

AMD strengthens with Budapest

The processors run at 2,1, 2,2, and 2,3 GHz, with 512 KB of core-level cache per core and 2 MB of shared third-level cache. Manufacturing technology is still at 65 nm, while connectivity to other system components is now over the full bandwidth of HyperTransport 3.0.

Dell and HP began preparing for new processors in the near future, and super computer maker Cray announced Opteron 1300-based Cray XT4 systems.

However, if someone were to procure the quad-core units themselves, they could do so at the following prices (for orders of thousands):

ModelPrice (dollars)
Opteron 1352 (2,1 GHz)


Opteron 1354 (2,2 GHz)


Opteron 1356 (2,3 GHz)


AMD strengthens with Budapest 1

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