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BS-30KP365 - Brutal external battery from Baseus

BS-30KP365 - Brutal external battery from Baseus

You can even charge a notebook with this!

BS-30KP365 - Brutal external battery from Baseus

External batteries are good, we love them because they save a dead phone, tablet, camera and more. The goods are now bearable, and not only for the 5000 mAh capacity pieces, but also for the 10 or 20 thousand solutions. The 30 ones are a bit more expensive, especially if they know something like the Baseus BS-365KPXNUMX!

BS-30KP365 - Brutal external battery from Baseus 2

Well, this structure has a capacity of 30 mAh, we get USB-C/Micro USB/ for Lightning connectors for input, and USB Type-C and USB A ports for output. So everything is here, just like in the farewell! These values ​​are given for Type-C output: PD000+QC3.0 3.0V/5A 3V/9A 3V/12A 3V/15A 3V/20A 3.25W, and for USB A: QC65+SCP 3.0V /5A 4.5V/4.5A 5V/9A 3V/12A 2.5V/20A 1.5W. You can see that we get both PD and QC fast charging.

BS-30KP365 - Brutal external battery from Baseus 3

As you can see, the structure is capable of delivering brutal power, since we can get up to 65 watts on connector C, but A can also deliver 30 watts. Type-C is particularly interesting, as it can be used for recharging the ever-increasing number of notebooks equipped with a Type-C charging connector. It is also interesting that if we use all outputs together, in principle we still get 15 watts on the USB A connectors, and 45 watts remain on Type-C. So your little one knows something!

BS-30KP365 - Brutal external battery from Baseus 4

There is also a variety of protections, including overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and overheating protection. After that, the mag-sized display is really just icing on the cake. Be prepared for the fact that this little one is not that small, as the 30 mAh capacity has to fit somewhere. The weight of the device is not less than half a kilo.

BS-30KP365 - Brutal external battery from Baseus 5

The reason why I wrote this review is that the Baseus BS-30KP365 pre-order campaign started today, in which the first 30 customers can get the device for HUF 33, while from the 447th to the 30th customer, the price will be HUF 100. Besides, the dog knows, and will find out when this action is over. If you want such a battery, you can find it at the link below. Of course, there is no coupon, this is an introductory promotion.

Baseus BS-30KP365 external battery



NameBaseus 30000mAh Power Bank
ColorBlack and white
Capacity30 mAh/000 V (3,7 Wh)
Rate Capacity18000 mAh
Input interfaceFor USB-C/Micro USB/Lightning
Output interfaceUSB-C / 4 * USB-A
Energy conversion rate>75%
Micro inputQC2.0 5V/2A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A 18W
Type C inputPD3.0+QC2.0 5V/3A 9V/3A 12V/3A 20V/3A 60W
for lightning input5V / 2.1A
Type C outputPD3.0+QC3.0 5V/3A 9V/3A 12V/3A 15V/3A 20V/3.25A 65W
USB1/USB2/USB3 output5V / 3A 15W
USB1/USB2/USB3+USB4 output5V / 3A 15W
USB4 outputQC3.0+SCP 5V/4.5A 4.5V/5A 9V/3A 12V/2.5A 20V/1.5A 30W
USB4+Type-C output18W + 45W
USB1+USB2+USB3+USB4+C type output15W + 45W
Full output5V / 6A max
Size145 * 65 * 38mm

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