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BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn

He is stronger than him and is more beautiful, but he stands out from the field in something.

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn



In the profession, manufacturers thought many years ago that tablets would replace computers. If not for traditional PCs, but for notebooks anyway. It didn't happen that way. They also thought that people would consume multimedia content on such instead of their phone. It didn't come in either. The tablet really needed very few.

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 1

Thus, the development of tablets slowed down, they became more and more behind the phones in terms of skills and knowledge. However, something happened that changed the situation and this was quickly recognized by the manufacturers. It was a world-wide problem that affected almost everyone in the developed world, for which the tablet could be a realistic solution. And this is contact.

I think many of you have figured out that the world-wide event was a pandemic. That is, in this case, the past tense is flawed, as we are still living in it and we don’t even see an end yet.

People needed tools to comfortably reach their relatives, participate in education, or just workplace discussions, all online, of course. I needed a device that was light, didn’t require constant charging, wasn’t plugged in. One that has a large display, is comfortable to use, but still has capabilities similar to our phone. We reach everything and everyone we can on our phone.

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 2

Yes, tablets are just such devices!

There are more and more people for whom these machines have become tools of everyday work, learning, entertainment, not necessarily of free choice, but rather of compulsion. But the reason doesn’t matter, the point is that they use it because they have something to use and the tablet is a convenient solution.

In today’s article, I want to introduce you to a machine that is suitable for the tasks listed above, but also cheap, so you may want to consider purchasing one who has so far been financially deterred from getting a really good tablet. And this machine is none other than the BMAX MaxPad I10 mentioned in the title.

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 3


Packaging, other

BMAX is not an old company from a European point of view, but that does not mean that it is a small manufacturer. I got to know them because of their first 360-degree foldable touchscreen notebook, this machine has been used on a daily basis at home for two years now.

In addition to fold-out notebooks, traditional portable computers soon appeared, followed by mini-PCs, and finally tablets. Three versions of the latter are currently available, i9, i10 (subject to this article), and i11, respectively. These, of course, differ in price and performance.

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 4

So the middle member of the family is the BMAX I10, whose packaging is no different from other machines. Moreover, we do not only find differences between the packaging and the accessories.

The manufacturer also uses high-end packaging for all machines, mini-PCs and notebooks, the box is not only flashy, its material is also thick and durable. However, there are not many accessories. In addition to the tablet, we have an EU plug charger, a Type-C cable and a SIM needle. This is the expected minimum, we will not need anything else.



Since the BMAX I10 is a cheap tablet, we can’t expect anything interesting from the outside. The design clearly reminds me of the previous series Xiaomi Mi PAD 4. The edges are rounded, the frame around the display is relatively wide.

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 5

One shorter side has the power button and volume control and the USB C connector, one long side has the two speaker grilles and the SIM tray. There is nothing on the other two sides.

In front, the camera is not on a camera island, due to the wide frame, there was plenty of room to place it on the black bar, so it doesn’t hang into the picture. The rear camera island is in its usual location, showing a camera and an LED flash.

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 6

So on the outside, we don't get on our stomachs, we get exactly what we expect from the price. Of course, that doesn’t mean the machine is ugly, you simply can’t take advantage of the cost of a flashy aluminum frame in this category, like with the new Xiaomi tablets.

The assembly is also good, it doesn’t want to fall apart, it doesn’t crack, it doesn’t crack, it also resists bending well, so you know what you need to know.

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 7



Today, more and more machines are replacing UNTOC chips with MediaTek or Qualcomm chips. This is because modern Snapdragon and modern MediaTek CPUs are not very cheap nowadays. Because of this, they are only in the higher category, and here I can refer back to the Xiaomi Pad 5 machines again.

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 8

At an affordable price from MediaTek, there are only fossils like the Helio P60, which is not bad for muscle strength, but is strongly obsolete in all other respects.

However, UNISOC has launched surprisingly good units that meet the challenges of today in both strength and capability. Two of these are worth watching, the T610 and the T618. It’s no coincidence that they also work on BMAX machines, the cheaper i10 is the T610, the more expensive i11 is the T618.

We are now dealing with the T610 as it is in the test machine.

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 9

This central unit can, of course, manage 8 seeds. In the upper cluster there are two Cortex A75s, which serve power-intensive applications, while in the lower cluster we find six Cortex A55 cores, which are responsible for normal operation. For both clusters, 1,82 GHz is the maximum clock.

The 12-nanometer bandwidth unit supports the ARMv8.2-A instruction set, has a three-level cache, and the TDP is 10 watts, which is quite energy-efficient to operate.

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 10

The ARM Mali G52 MP2 with Bifrost architecture is responsible for the graphics acceleration. As the name suggests, this is a dual-core graphics unit with a maximum clock speed of 614 MHz and, according to factory data, 302 Gigaflops of capacity.

The built-in memory controller supports dual-channel, LPDDR4x memories with a maximum clock speed of 1800 MHz. Among video capabilities, perhaps the existing H.264 and H.265 capabilities should be highlighted.

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 11

Among other capabilities, LTE Cat. 7 support is also worth mentioning, providing 300 Mbps download speeds and 150 Mbps upload speeds over a mobile network. The built-in WIFI adapter is available from Bluetooth 5, and GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and European Galileo satellites can also be used for satellite navigation.

As you can see, UNISOC’s central unit is truly a modern piece, it knows everything a tablet serving chip needs to know!

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 12

Among the capabilities for me, the highlight is the support of 4G mobilnet. In recent weeks and months, we have read in more and more newspaper articles that domestic mobile operators report switching off 3G mobilnet, which means that any phone or tablet that does not have knowledge of the domestic B20 4G band will be left without mobilnet.

And if someone now thinks these can only be ancient machines, then I have to disappoint everyone, that’s unfortunately not the case. This situation can occur in the case of a lot of relatively modern, 1-2-3 year old machines, so it is very worth paying attention to the fact that the machine we buy knows the Hungarian 4G band!

The UNISOC T610, and thus the BMAX I10, is such a machine, which can be an important argument when deciding what to buy!

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 13BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 14BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 15

Of course, with a tablet, it doesn't matter what its power is. Well, as I indicated above, the BMAX I10 isn’t the most powerful machine from the manufacturer, but it stands out from the gray mass in something, and that’s value for money. Because, compared to how much they ask for it, not only is it modern, it not only consumes little, but it is also okay in terms of muscle strength.

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 16BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 17BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 18

If we were to compare its performance to a more well-known competitor, then perhaps the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 would be the right choice, which is pretty much in par with such a field. Let’s not forget, however, that this is the only one in Paris, because it is essentially ahead of everything else, being a more modern central unit than the Snapdragon 660.

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 19BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 20BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 21

As you can see in the pictures above, I ran the usual tests again. 3DMark and Antutu are suitable for measuring 3d skills and performance during games, while PCMark and Geébench are more modeling of everyday use.

The scores shown above are correct in all respects. It is much weaker in 3D performance, but on average use it already knows about half that of the Xiaomi Pad 5, which costs three times as much.

The above measurements did not change the evaluation, as the points did not cause any surprises, apart from the speed of a storage, but this was also a positive deviation.

There are a few more things I didn’t mention about hardware, let’s run quickly through these too!

  • The display has a large screen size of 10,1 inches and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels or FHD. The panel type is IPS.
  • The machine has 4 GB of memory and 64 GB of built-in storage.
  • The battery capacity is 6000 mAh
  • So wifi is 5, which means the ac standard. It is important that it is dual-channel, so it supports the newer 2,4 GHz band in addition to the older 5.
  • We also find a camera on the front and back, the former 2 and the last 8 megapixels.
  • Among the connectors I have already mentioned is the USB C port, in addition we can also find a conventional jack connector.
  • You can put a Nano SIM in the SIM tray, but there is also space for a memory card, which of course can be Micro-SD.



This chapter used to be the longest in my tests, now it will be different. This is because I can’t report any glaring bugs or outstandingly good features. All in all, I think it’s more good news than bad news.

As I wrote, the power of the proci is perfectly adequate for everyday use, but it doesn’t scare us even if we run a game on the machine. Of course, let’s not even dream that a brand new 3D graphics will run flawlessly unless we downplay a bit, but manage older titles with ease.

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 22

The display quality is good. Certainly not an AMOLED, but anyone who dares to cry on a tablet because of IPS should throw it at themselves. The colors are bright, the contrast is good, there is nothing wrong with blacks, and the brightness is adequate. You can’t really hook up, especially at this price level.

The sound is also strong, quite dynamic. You won’t find much deep in it, you won’t use it instead of a speaker, but it stays in place during games and movies, and that’s the point.

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 23

What’s unfortunate is that Widevine L1 doesn’t, so Netflix won’t run in high definition. There’s probably a solution to this, but it’s not entirely legal, so I’m not propagating. On the other hand, I know that I myself used to watch a movie on a tablet with this ability, and I’ve never cut it around the corner because of the picture quality, especially if the movie was fun anyway.

The radios are quite strong. Maybe you can only talk about the strength of the 4G connection, but that’s also useless. Rather, when you find it difficult to find a 4G connection with your phone, you will no longer be able to surf the BMAX tablet at all. If, on the other hand, there is signal strength, everything is okay.

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 24

Navigation works well, although not a flash, especially for the first time. If you found the satellites, I didn’t make a mistake, so it’s satisfactory in that respect. On the other hand, wifi and Bluetooth are flawless, the former certainly helps a lot that the cover is plastic, so it does not shield the antenna.



If you’ve gotten this far, you’re already sure you’re wondering why I wrote this is the best tablet of the fall. Is there the new Xiaomi, or is there the new Lenovo, are they not better? But yes, they are much better in many ways. However, there is one aspect in which I think the BMAX I10 is invincible right now, and that is the price-performance ratio.

So the BMAX I10 is in my opinion the best buy of the tablets among the tablets!

There is more beautiful, there is stronger, there is one with a better picture, there is one with a better voice. On the other hand, the BMAX I10 delivers very even performance on all fronts. He was given well-coordinated abilities, enough of everything, but not outstanding out of nothing, and as I wrote, more importantly, out of nothing bad. So the BMAX I10 is not a lying tablet. We get exactly what he promises, no more and no less. What you promise, however, is very bad! After all, there is navigation, there is 4G support, or a modern processor and a good display. And that, overall, is just enough to make us happy with it.

BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 25

Finally, the price. Of course, I also asked for a coupon for this, so that if you like it, you don’t have to pay the same price as someone who falls smoothly from the “street”. So, the BGHU1180 with coupon code this price is now HUF 39.

That’s why for the money, you’ll get a tablet with a quad-core processor, 1280 x 800 pixels, and 1-2GB of memory from a home store. Needless to say, these are nowhere near the BMAX I10. What's more, the good news is that this machine is also in stock in the Czech warehouse, so it will arrive to you without customs clearance, and of course the price includes VAT.

If you liked it, you can find it at the link below:

BMAX I10 tablet - Coupon code: BGHU1180


BMAX MaxPad I10 - the best tablet of the autumn 26

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