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I'm using an Android TV Box - I'm converted, you should too!

I'm using an Android TV Box - I'm converted, you should too!

This is the new millennium, the freedom to consume content can be yours, it doesn’t even cost much.

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I’ve been using an Android TV box for barely half a year and my content consumption habits have completely changed. I canceled my TV subscription, dismantled the parabola. I don’t watch commercials, the news is a thing of the past, yet I know all the important news, the world doesn’t go by me. All that has happened is that I choose for myself what I want to watch. It’s real freedom to consume content, and all you need is an Android box next to the TV and a new, small, easy-to-use remote control for your desktop.

I know it’s weird to read this to someone who is still tied to the offerings of the big national stations, who is watching something when it’s just being broadcast on TV, so it’s not the show that adapts to it, but He’s adapting to the show. I was still growing up in a world where there was no broadcast on Mondays, and we watched the evening tale on Czechoslovak TV on Mondays, where Uncle Shepherd lit his white puppy in his big suba, on his side, and then extinguished the stars.

It was hard for me too to move my brain to the new world, but everywhere I read, the future belongs to Netflix, HBO Go, young people no longer watch TV, interesting content can be found in what Youtube has to offer. I thought it would be hard to switch, but it turned out not so much. Today, for example, I don’t miss a movie because of my work or travel, I watch series at the pace I have time for. What’s more, thanks to my online subscriptions, not only the time but also the location is irrelevant, because if that happens, the notebook display will be my TV, or I’ll watch my favorite series on my phone while traveling. The world has changed, it's time for you to change too!


Chapter 1 - Hardware and Software

A test is usually about what the hardware knows, what proci works in it, how much memory, storage. We run tests, tell you what the packaging is like, what accessories we get. Well, I’m going to write these down, but that’s not going to be the main point of the article, I’d rather try to explain why I chose that TV box, what, what alternatives there are, and most importantly, what a box like this is good for.

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Let's start with why MECOOL KM3 has become my box! You can get a lot of different hardware, they start at about 20 dollars (6000 forints), for the more expensive ones, and with more powerful hardware you can ask for an amount around 200 dollars (60 thousand forints). The MECOOL KM3 represents the mid-range with the quad-core Amlogic S905X2 central unit, 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage. The processor, more specifically the SoC, is weak compared to a top tablet or phone, but frankly, we don’t need any more. Suitable for anything you want to use a box like this, videos go up to 4K resolution, we get HDR to improve the picture quality, there are all kinds of surround sound formats, so what you need for multimedia, we get it!

First question to decide: What strong hardware should we choose?

If you just want multimedia, meaning film and music are important in addition to any online TV shows, you don’t have to reach deep into your pocket. Aim for the bottom of the mid-range if your TV is 4K resolution and you want to watch content like that on it. For FHD, i.e. 1920 x 1080 televisions, it is enough to choose from the cheaper category.

Even if you want to play on your Android box, there is no fairy tale, you have to reach for the more expensive shelf. You will need a strong proci with a minimum of 4 GB of memory!

For me, an important argument in favor of KM3 is that it runs Android TV software, of course it also got Google certification, so not only are all Google services available on it (store, gmail, etc.), but I won’t have a problem with updates either. In the past months, this has been proven, the security packages are coming and settling nicely, so there is no mistake in this.

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Android TV is an interface developed specifically for television use, on which we can also navigate with a remote control with complete convenience. It should not be forgotten that Android TV also has limitations, some programs that run on your phone without any problems may not be installed here. This can be caused, for example, by the orientation of the display, which means that many programs start in portrait mode and switch to landscape by rotating the phone. However, we do not rotate the TV, it does not have a displacement sensor, so the program does not know that it should appear lying down. Suction.

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Second question to decide: Android TV or normal Android?

I have already written above why I chose the Android TV version. For me, content consumption is important, so I don’t care so much if some programs don’t install. What I need will be available!

Those who want the complete freedom of Android, on the other hand, should choose a box that runs smooth Android. We also get a TV interface for these, so you don't have to be afraid of it, at most it won't be an interface invented by Google. We can also use thousands and one media player program, among which we can find one with a friendly interface.

So you have to decide between Android TV or plain Android?

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Chapter 2 - What can you use your Android box for?

In the introduction, I essentially described what I use it for, at least most of the time. It’s totally basic to watch my series and different movies on this. It’s also totally weird for me to quit warezolo. I’m not saying I was a big movie collector, but I happened to download this one. I'm already lazy to deal with this, because there is so much viewable content available for a few thousand forints a month that piracy is completely meaningless. What I am very interested in is watching it in a movie theater anyway, which is less, the more I get to see it when it comes into the HBO Go offer, for example.

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If you think you need to give up traditional TV, you are wrong. I get traditional channels through Telenor’s MyTV service where I can access “royal” broadcasts for free. I don’t even need anything else from traditional television because I watch the sports channel at most. If you want more than that, you can upgrade to a paid package at any service provider. I didn’t do it because I wanted to get rid of traditional TV.

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I’ve been completely used to Youtube lately. There are so many high quality Hungarian language channels available that I don't have time to watch them all. Of course, I also have my favorite content producers here, which I follow, so I watch Karotta's shows on a car topic, and Csaba Magyarósi's shows on mixed things, although often only because I really like the way he cuts shows, transcripts and music. Then there’s András Horváth, who isn’t pinched by bullshit, but is interested in electric cars, and his shows are informative, or Speedzone, which also brings car themes, in just a slightly different format. So Youtube is an inexhaustible repository of everything you might be interested in, and not a movie or a series.

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And by the end, there’s one more super thing, this game. I usually drive and simulate. To do this, I bought an Android-compatible gamepad with a Bluetooth connection, I don't need anything else. Quite serious games are already available for Android. Okay, I know you need more iron under a serious simulator than what's in a box like this, but if you want a game like this, you'll stay on the PC or console line anyway. What I get on the Android line suits my needs a lot, I spend my little free time on my bike anyway.

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Third question to decide: What do you want to use your TV box for?

We have already answered this question in the first chapter, but it is worth repeating. Before you give out money, think about what you would use the box for and choose based on that. If you want to play don’t buy a cheap piece because it will end in frustration and there is no greater waste of money than having the careless, cheap gadget dusted at the bottom of the drawer.



Chapter 3 - Is It Really Good?

You can already guess my answer from what has been said so far, it’s really good, but until you try it, you won’t realize how much. We hear it on TV, read on all sorts of interfaces how much content consumption habits have changed, especially for the younger generation, but until you experience it on your own skin, you won’t understand exactly what that change means.

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In fact, I’ve noticed that this change is reflected in all areas of life, and the focus is always on us. Our comfort, the increase in the amount of our free time, all in all we can say that technology, technology makes us freer, of course only when used wisely. If you click on Facebook, for example, it’s not good because you’ll spend most of your useful time in front of some display, but if you use it wisely, it will be a great interface for keeping in touch with your friends. New technologies and hardware are like that. For example, a robotic vacuum cleaner saves you half an hour a day because it cleans up for you while you’re not home. The window-washing robot gives you extra hours, because while you wash the window, you can make lunch and then spend the saved time with the kids or your hobby.

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It may be weird, but TV Boxing is like that. When used wisely, you will consume as much content, but in less time. There will be no quarter-hour commercial blocks, migrant news in 1 minute, and similar unnecessary bullshit. You sit down, watch the new part of your series in 20-25 minutes (instead of an hour), then come the family, a good walk in nature, maybe a little exercise.


Chapter 4 - MECOOL KM3

I would also like to say a few words about the box I use. I have already written above why I chose this. A bit more expensive than average piece, but also strong enough for games, Android TV runs on it, plus it looks good, as long as such a structure can look good. It’s sure to be discreetly hiding next to the TV, with no protruding antenna or anything else on it.

mecool km3 12

Iron is enough for everything, although it’s stronger than that, I don’t feel like I should switch yet. The quad-core proci running at 2 GHz, the 4GB memory also provides a good basis for games, and the Bluetooth 4.1 and dual-channel wifi solve the wireless connections, the former is good for peripherals, for example, the latter is of course the Internet and the home network. to achieve.

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Because it runs an official, certified Android TV, it integrates into the Google Home ecosystem, and Google Cast lets you stream content wirelessly from your mobile phone. Importantly, and I haven’t said yet, the remote also has a microphone so we can even control the device with voice. This is especially useful if you do not have a keyboard connected to it, because in that case it is enough to say what you want in Word. He does not know Hungarian, but short English instructions can also be learned quickly by anyone who does not speak the language anyway.


Closing Remarks

I am surprised to see that the article has gone well beyond what I intended for it. The thing is, I could still write long pages, but maybe I put the point on “paper”. I wouldn't add much to the subject right now, just the following: If you haven't thought about changing your habits so far, break away from the time-consuming tradition of traditional television, that you finally choose what you want to watch and what you don't go for a serious 10 minutes before the roaring volume commercials, it’s time to do it! Try this new, interesting world, you will see it you will like it!

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