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Barely a week, and here’s Banggood’s 13th birthday

Barely a week, and here’s Banggood’s 13th birthday

Great promotions, games, and everything that used to be on a birthday.


We love birthdays in Chinese stores because we don’t have to surprise them, but they do surprise us. Even now, there will be everything that stimulates the eyes and the mouth, in fact, they promise that the shopping experience will be renewed with them in time for the birthday. This essentially means changing the surface of the store, making it more modern. I say I like the current one too, although the fact is that the exterior is not too fresh, so it is understandable that they feel the need for drilling, carving.

According to the news, the selection will also expand, the fashion section will appear, which will mean the appearance of a suspected large number of clothing products.

Barely a week, and here’s Banggood’s 13th birthday 1Barely a week, and here’s Banggood’s 13th birthday 2

As for us, we are not really happy about these, but about the expected actions. They promise that even more coupons, even lower prices will come. It will be possible to form customer groups where the winners will receive serious prizes, with birds chirping for a total of $ 10 in bonuses. The point is to invite as many people as possible into the group. There are still games in which you can buy valuable stuff for 1 cent by forming groups, you also have to organize a little bit for these. To organize customer groups and the 1 cent game our Facebook group, for example, will be just right, join and win! Before I forget, according to the news, registrants during the birthday will get a $ 200 bonus package to get started, hopefully there will be redeemable discounts as well.

Banggood’s 13th birthday kicks off on Aug. 27 and will run through Sept. 18, about to kick off the fall specials.

You can find information about the birthday here: Banggood 13th birthday special offers

Barely a week, and here’s Banggood’s 13th birthday 3

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