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Alfawise ZS - GX4S - Outdoor wifis IP camera for cheap

Alfawise’s camera knows surprisingly much at a surprisingly cheap price, a real best buy piece.

Alfawise ZS - GX4S exterior IP camera - white

We expect a lot from a security camera these days. Have a good resolution, see in the dark, have motion detection, don’t get soaked. However, there is a much more important feature than these, which many people slip over without even knowing the term. This is nothing but ONVIF compatibility. It is essentially a standard interface known to more normal capture devices and security camera software. Through this, the cameras can be connected to a system or even to a computer security software. If ONVIF is missing for me it means it’s not worth dealing with that camera, that camera is crappy. Unfortunately, ONVIF cameras are not cheap, but something for something!

Alfawise ZS - GX4S exterior IP camera - white

What makes me write this testimonial is that I found a camera that knows everything I want, yet the price is surprisingly low. It’s a wifis camera, so it just needs electricity. It’s basically advertised as outdoor, but to the best of its knowledge, it’s good for everything from a baby monitoring camera to an internal security camera. Let's line up the skills!

  • full metal housing
  • IP66 rain and dust protection
  • wide angle lens
  • motion detection
  • in the dark it supplies 25 meters
  • ONVIF compatible !!!
  • two-way audio with built-in microphone and speaker
  • 3 types of recording (memory card, cloud service or recording to PC, storage
  • can be controlled by a telephone application
  • full HD resolution

Alfawise ZS - GX4S exterior IP camera - white

As you can see he really knows everything. When recording to a computer or storage, it is clearly due to ONVIF compatibility, but it is good to know that this requires extra software on the computer or extra storage, such as a Synology NAS.

Alfawise ZS - GX4S exterior IP camera - white

Bottom line, here’s a camera that’s cheap, relatively small, and doesn’t need to be added to a wired computer network. We can use it indoors so that we can peek home from work from home during the day. It can be a baby camera, but by buying more cameras, we can even build a professional security system from them. As usual, the price remained at the end. The price of the Alfawise ZS - GX4S outdoor IP camera is currently only HUF 8600 without any coupons, which is a gift given the prices of cameras with similar capabilities. Plus, shipping is now free!

Here you can buy: Alfawise ZS-GX4S outdoor IP camera

Attention! The price of a camera is below the customs limit, but if you have ordered more, then choose the Priority Line delivery method, which is free of duty and VAT and costs HUF 43!

Alfawise ZS - GX4S - Outdoor wifis IP camera cheap 1

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