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Alfawise A8X - Alfawise's new TV smartphone has arrived with Android 9

In a tiny box, everything you need for television on the Internet.

 Alfawise A8X Android 9.0 3D TV BOX- Black EU Connection

The new TV Box is very tiny, but it knows everything we might need. The central unit is a quad-core Rockchip RK3328 with Cortex A53 cores running at 1,51 GHz. The graphics accelerator in this chip is the ARM Mali-450MP2. The memory of the machine 2- is 16 GB.

 Alfawise A8X Android 9.0 3D TV BOX- Black EU Connection

There is no shortage of connectors and wireless connections. We can take advantage of the traditional UTP cable to access the computer network at gigabit speeds, have AV outputs, an HDMI jack, a USB3.0 and a USB2.0 connector, and of course a memory card dock. For a wireless connection, a two-channel Wi-Fi and an 4.1 Bluetooth radio were set up. The machine also supports 4K resolution, of course, according to the factory data, the central chip can produce an 60 image at that resolution every second.

Based on the video provided, it seems that the user interface has also worked well, so there is absolutely no obstacle to enjoy our movies smoothly, and it is also a great help to get the perfect sound for Dolby, the perfect picture with HDR10 support.

 Alfawise A8X Android 9.0 3D TV BOX- Black EU Connection

Alfawise's new TV tuner can now be bought for a little over 10 thousands, the shipping cost is 340.

Here you can find: Alfawise A8X Android 9.0 3D TV BOX - Black EU connector

Alfawise A8X - Alfawise's new TV smartphone arrived with Android 9 1

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