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The perfect mite vacuum cleaner - Smarock S10 test

It was a Christmas present, I love Jesus!

The perfect mite vacuum cleaner - Smarock S10 test

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I'm allergic, not a little, but a lot. It is interesting that the allergy, which I have had since I was 12 years old, almost completely disappeared some time 10 years ago, but unfortunately it has returned with renewed vigor in recent years.

As an allergy sufferer, I have to pay attention to many things so that the symptoms are as mild as possible. I have to wash my hair often, I have to clean the apartment often and the like. I will do my best to suffer from hay fever as little as possible.

However, severe allergy periods are not pleasant anyway, so my partner decided to "surprise" me with a dust mite vacuum cleaner for Christmas. The surprise didn't fall into my hands by accident, after all, we chose the machine together, so it wasn't the real Christmas surprise gift. But Christmas still gave it a little different flavor, so I unwrapped it under the tree.

Of course, when it arrived, I tried it out, and when I tried it out, I wrote an article next to it, because that's my job. You can read this below.


Packaging, accessories, exterior

The vacuum cleaner came in a completely simple cardboard box. I thought there would be a more designer box inside the plain cardboard, but there wasn't. Don't worry Tóbiás, the point is not the packaging anyway, but what's inside. Anyway, there's nothing wrong with this box, it's thick, it has just enough shock absorption, that is, it needs a strong enough physical impact to arrive at us damaged.

There aren't many surprises waiting for us inside the box. We can take out a description and a cleaning brush first, then find the spare filters. Of course, the plural number is no accident, since two doses are given with the machine, and one is of course included, so we open with three doses of filters. I think these will be enough until the end of time, but I will write about this later!

From the outside, the machine looks just like a mite vacuum cleaner. If someone has seen this before, it is a slight exaggeration to say that they have seen it all. Of course there are differences, but the form is the same.

The first thing that catches your eye on the machine is that it's been a long time since I've seen a plastic cover with such a Chinese stamp. Many years ago, it was already possible to spot from afar if something came from China. They were all over-decorated, over-colored kitsch, regardless of the product. Then the Chinese also adapted to European tastes, just think of Xiaomi's devices.

The Smarock S10, on the other hand, took me a bit back in time with its red, shiny, reflective plastic cover elements and buttons.

So the machine has a normal look and everything is in the usual place. On top is the dust container, which is divided into two parts, behind it is the handle that we will hold, on this is the power button and the button for removing the container.

At the bottom is a motorized roller brush and the UV LEDs, and that's about it. It is important that this machine is not battery-powered, it has a 5-gauge power cable, which is quite long, XNUMX meters.


Paper form

The Smarock S10 measures 325 x 273 x 190 millimeters and weighs 2 kilograms and 5 grams more. These data are roughly average for such a machine.

It is important that the Smarock S10 does not contain a battery, which means, on the one hand, that you need an outlet no more than 5 meters from the cleaning site (that's how long the power cable is), and also that we don't have to talk about the operating time with this machine, because it never gets submerged juice.

The motor of the mite vacuum cleaner is 500 watts, of which a suction power of 13 Pa was obtained, which is not very steely with a vacuum cleaner eye, but again just average with a mite suction eye.

The interesting stuff is coming!

The machine is a mite vacuum cleaner, which also means that it can be used for upholstered furniture, bed mattresses and similar things. Of course, you can also use it on pillows and quilts, it won't absorb everything, it's not that strong, because its operating principle is slightly different from a traditional vacuum cleaner or a standing vacuum cleaner.

On this machine, like an upright vacuum cleaner, we find a motorized cylinder brush, but this brush is not really a brush, because it does not have bristles. And this will mean the difference between a traditional vacuum cleaner and a mite vacuum cleaner.

Because a traditional vacuum cleaner "sweeps" the dirt from the carpet or picks it up from the floor with the help of a motorized roller brush, while the motorized roller of the mite vacuum cleaner blows the surface of the furniture. I can't describe it better.

The rotating head is an aluminum shaft with three rubber blades, which specifically grind out the dust, mites and mite droppings from the fibers of the fabric, then the machine sucks them into its tank through its vacuuming ability.

According to the description, the roller "hits" the surface of the upholstered furniture 12 times per minute.

This brings us to an important method of mite removal, i.e. the first such method is blowing the fabric. But there are some other useful methods in the machine's sleeve to make the cleaning even more efficient.

On the belly of the machine, we find a unit that uses ultrasound to kill the little rotters. We also find UV LEDs, which sterilize everything in the mattress with the power of UV light and the ozone produced by UV light. This is not only effective for mites, it also kills fungal spores and mold. It is important to note here that a sensor detects when the machine is lifted, in which case the UV light turns off to protect our eyes.

That's still not all, there is a fourth powerful tool in the "hands" of the Smarock S10, and this is the hot air. It blows 55-degree air on the surface of the upholstered furniture, which is said to be an effective weapon against all kinds of life forms that are invisible to the eye but can cause allergic reactions.

The bottom line is that, according to the manufacturer's claim, the machine can eliminate 99,9 percent of mites, bacteria, spores, and more with these four methods, or by using them together. This is not 100 percent, because if they wrote this, happy and unhappy people could sue them if they find even a single mite after cleaning, but we can say that the removal of mites is essentially one hundred percent!

At the end of the chapter, I will add that the Smarock S10 also has a Pro version, obviously a bit more expensive than the regular S10. I think the difference between the two machines is minimal. The performance, the suction power, the number of methods of mite removal are the same.

What is different is that the Pro version also received a mite sensor. This is said to be able to detect the number of mites and thus show the cleanliness status with a percentage value, and a green LED will light up to indicate if the mite removal was successful.

If you require this extra, you will also find a link to this device at the end of the article.



As I wrote in the introduction, the selection of the machine was a joint task, of course my own experience on the subject played a large role. I rejected cable-free from the start, because the battery-powered model is expensive, and it is not always worth choosing a machine equipped with it.

Of course, the battery has its convenience, but a mite vacuum cleaner is not a device that you push around the apartment while cleaning. With this, we "vacuum-clean" the sofa and bed mattress, so we work within a small area. Plugs are everywhere, so I stayed cost-effective.

The Smarock S10, as can be seen from the paper form, also works as a vacuum cleaner, but its main task is the removal and destruction of mite poop and mites. During work, of course, it will not only have a harmful effect on the mites, but e.g. it also removes fungal spores and dust.

However, no matter how well the machine works (because it really is efficient), I had to realize that they couldn't squeeze the power of a vacuum cleaner into it. This was evident from the fact that the larger dirt (e.g. all kinds of things scattered by my children) did not disappear from the deeper crevices. So, for this you will still need a vacuum cleaner with a crevice tool, the mite vacuum cleaner does not replace this. But the bad part of the story ended here.

It was obvious that the first thing I would do was vacuum the sofa, as every day ends there when I take my well-deserved nap in front of the TV. What I experienced during the test was quite shocking, and I expressed myself delicately and femininely at the time.

Let's start with the fact that the apartment is basically clean. We clean often, the vacuum cleaner comes out, and the robot vacuum cleaner will also go through the apartment every day. This is compounded by the fact that a thorough cleaning took place before Christmas, you know, the holidays are coming, so we run for it, e.g. we are cleaning.

The vacuuming of the sofa, or rather the mite removal, took place a few days after the general cleaning, which of course also included vacuuming the sofa. Well, I don't have a microscope so I couldn't count the dead mites, but what came out of the couch was still pretty gross.

I mean, the amount of dirt that came out of it.

I took a picture, you can see. This is not the pile created after cleaning the apartment, it was in the sofa. After that, my face burns a little, I thought we did everything to be dust-free and mite-free, but apparently not.

The machine is easy to use anyway. You turn it on, the engine starts, you drag it on the upholstered furniture. There's a pretty loud vacuuming sound, you can see the UV LEDs start to light up at the bottom, so it's working. No big magic, no thousands of sensors, and no drain.

I wrote above that I will write more about the reserve filters. Well, now is the time! As I wrote, there is a set in the machine, and we also get two others in the package. However, the two-part container separates the dirt from the air so efficiently that there was no trace of dust on the filters after the first use (sofa, double bed, children's bed). Based on this, and because it is recommended to use it once a week, the lifetime of these filters is approx. will be endless.

Reminds me of using it once a week. The manufacturer recommends using the machine 2-3 times in the first week, but after that once a week will be enough. Let's say, looking at the efficiency, this is probably the case.



As I wrote in the article, I didn't do a mite count, but I suspect it must not have been pleasant for the little trash when I pushed the Smarock S10 across the couch. They must not have grinned with happiness when the ultrasonic cleaning, UV light and warm air started to do their work.

However, I can say that the machine does its job. An amazing amount of dust, lint and other things got into the tank from the sofa cushions that were thought to be clean. When I showed my partner the dirt spread on the sheet of paper, he just opened his mouth, I think he thought he was cleaning thoroughly.

Well, I don't think the fault was with his thoroughness, simply that the Smarock S10 is a target machine designed to remove dust, mites, mite droppings, fungi and fungal spores from upholstered furniture. And of course, a dedicated machine can perform this task much more thoroughly than a machine that was designed for cleaning the apartment anyway, e.g. a vacuum cleaner.

What was even more surprising to me was that even though our upright vacuum cleaner has a mite head with a motorized brush, and we even use this accessory, it does not come close to the Smarock S10 in terms of efficiency. This is really strange in light of the fact that I have a high-quality stick vacuum cleaner, which has almost double the suction power of the Smarock S10.

So, summing up the experience, we can say that we chose a good machine. It is not very expensive (not least because of the lack of a battery), but its performance and efficiency are really amazing. I hope that my allergies will calm down a bit using the Smarock S10!

If you liked the machine, then the Smarock S10 (the subject of this article) is a GKB23NEW with coupon code, from a Polish warehouse 33 900 forintfor, while the S10 Pro version mentioned in the title, also the GKB23NEW coupon code 39 500 forintyou can buy it by clicking on the links below:

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