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The meeting of Half Life 2 and Unreal 4

The meeting of Half Life 2 and Unreal 4

The Source engine was a fantastic experience in its time, but by now time has passed strongly.

half life 2 logo by zeptozephyr

Until the series returns officially, we can at most admire the work of the fans. This is exactly what it is now, this time replacing the aggastyan Source Engine with a much more modern engine, which obviously had a serious impact on the visual world.

Vergil’s remake definitely looks good thanks to the Unreal 4 “drive,” although there aren’t a single character in it right now - that spoils the overall picture a bit. 

More details about the project ide click to read. Would you (also) like to meet Gordon Freeman if you hid in a modern robe again?


Meeting of Half Life 2 and Unreal 4 1

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