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Xbox One owners can farm from 362 GB

Although the console has a 500 GB of storage, the operating system and various applications use 138 GB of storage space.Xbox One_Official_Wide

“After the shoot” it turns out that’s pretty much how many games it’s enough for.

Many have aroused the curiosity of Microsoft by not mentioning the amount of free space available on the built-in hard drive when presenting the Xbox One. IGN has now looked into the matter and found that players can count on 362GB of storage capacity - just for comparison: for the PlayStation 4, that number kicks in at 408GB. The portal also found during testing that this is enough to install roughly 20 games, but of course it depends heavily on the size of the creations.

Fans will be delighted that the Xbox One will definitely be able to handle external hard drives in the future - the necessary software update has not yet been completed.  

Xbox One owners can manage 362 GB 1

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