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32 GB Kodak memory card for 1450 HUF!

32 GB Kodak memory card for 1450 HUF!

If space is tight, you won’t get a cheaper branded card now!

kodak 32gb2

If we look at the price-storage relationship, there is no doubt that 32GB capacity cards are the winners. The 16 GB is only 100-200 forints cheaper, and the 64 GB versions more than double the price of the 32 GB. Of course, there are situations where we would recommend a 64 card, for example, if we want to record 4K videos, but a 32 gigabyte can be enough (especially at such a price) for a cheaper phone, storage, cheaper drones, action cameras, tablets, as this also pushes the the number of photos that can be stored.

32 GB Kodak memory card for 1450 HUF! 1

I have written about domestic prices many times, I do not repeat myself. The point is that the price of 1450 forints is more than a gift, you can say ridiculously low. In addition, there is no shipping fee, and even the price is so low that we can order up to eight cards at a time, even if we don't have to pay customs duties or VAT on the package!

You can buy it here: Kodak 32 GB UHS1 memory card

32 GB Kodak memory card for 1450 HUF! 2

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