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1More EVO - The evolution of sound

1More EVO - The evolution of sound

Sales of the latest and greatest 1More earphones started today.

1More EVO - The Evolution of Sound 1

I'm a little angry. Of course, only in moderation, because I got the last two 1More tabs (I love both) for testing, but maybe the most important one, the more promising one, didn’t arrive, and that’s 1More EVO.

1More EVO - The Evolution of Sound 2

I know I’m not going to be insatiable, but what do I do, I like good music and I like good earphones and headphones, and 1More already makes these. The packaging is already exemplary for their products, and I can see from the pictures that it is no different with EVO. The box and the earphone dock in it are very similar to the box of my current favorite, the 1More ComfoBuds Pro (you can read a detailed test here: CAN IT BE EVEN MORE? - 1MORE COMFOBUDS PRO HEADPHONE TEST).

What we find inside, that is, the headset itself is already very different from ComfoBuds. In terms of form, you prefer the 1More PistonBuds (you can read a detailed test here: NA, YOU CAN THANK YOU FOR THE NOISE USING THIS!) which in practice means that there is no protruding part. It has become compact. The shape is not particularly interesting in this way, although I am almost sure that we will get the comfort expected from the premium, unfortunately I was not able to try this.

1More EVO - The Evolution of Sound 3

But form is also only secondary when we see what abilities we get! Let’s start by getting 2-2 drivers per page. These consist of a conventional diaphragm drive and a balanced armature, as is already the case with other manufacturers. The latter was silenced by hearing aid manufacturers, at least for the first time. This is because they give little dynamism, but they serve us with a very nice, clear and understandable speech and mid-range. For this reason, combined with the traditional membrane, we get a much clearer sound image with full-fledged bass, midrange and treble.

1More EVO - The Evolution of Sound 4

Of course, this dual driver is not enough for salvation. For example, we also get an LDAC Hi-Res certificate, so you can say that the earpiece can also play high-definition sounds. To prove this, the manufacturer wrote in the marketing material that 55 Grammy-winning sound engineers are also among the ear-sellers, so it can’t be bad.

1More EVO - The Evolution of Sound 5

What else? For example, there is adaptive noise reduction, which can reduce noise by 3 decibels instead of the usual 42x decibels. This is also quite an outstanding value. There are six built-in microphones for this (I suspect we are talking about 3 + 3 microphones per page), which will allow us to hear clearly who we are calling, plus the noise from outside to our ears will almost disappear.

1More EVO - The Evolution of Sound 6

The factory data also mentions that there is a fast charge function, which gives a playback time of 15 minutes and 4 hours. Anyway, the playback time available on a single charge is 28 hours, but it’s suspicious that it already includes docking capacity. What’s not incidental, though, is that the docking station can now be charged wirelessly, and to help with that, we’ll also get a desktop, wireless charger for our money in the in-ear introductory campaign.

1More EVO - The Evolution of Sound 7

It should now be the part of what 1More EVO was like live, but it is now omitted for the reason mentioned above. Let’s say I’d be surprised if it sounded worse than ComfoBuds Pro, since while it’s an upper-middle class product, EVO is already clearly competing in the top category. So it can't be bad, because already ComfoBuds Pro is damn good!

1More EVO - The Evolution of Sound 8

If you decide to give it a try, you can buy it now in the Goboo web store where the introductory promotion takes place. Of course, EU warehouse, free shipping, duty free shipping, which is included, and VAT is included in the price. This price is € 139,99 in the introductory promotion (the regular price would be € 169,99). That’s not a small amount of money (e.g. ComfoBuds Pro only costs € 58,99, so you can feel like we’re playing another level here now.

However, if you’re really looking for top quality, you might want to slam into such an earpiece, just because of the € 30 discount and the gift wireless charger. If you buy it, you can find it at the link below:

1More EVO - The evolution of sound


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1More EVO - The Evolution of Sound 9

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