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15 gift ideas for young and old

15 gift ideas for young and old

There are still good promotions in EU warehouses that are worth knocking down.

15 gift ideas for young and old 1



Most of the products listed in my previous recommendation sold out quickly, so the great BlitzWolf air purifier, for example, has been demanded by many since then. Unfortunately, I can’t help it with that, since I’m not the store, all I can do is try to give more good ideas to those who want to give their loved ones the most meaningful gifts possible.

As usual, at the time of writing, all products are available from the EU warehouse (Czech - CZ, Polish - PL), but if the stock runs out, the link will automatically jump to the Chinese warehouse (CN, HK). In this case, you can still buy the product, but make sure that you choose the EU Priority Line transport so that you do not have to deal with customs clearance!

How to buy with a coupon?

  1. Open the product page in the list below by clicking on the product name
  2. Click on "Buy Now"And then at the top right of the window that opens, click"Discounts ” under the heading "Coupons ” sorra
  3. The "Input coupon code ” Copy the coupon code in the box below and use the "Use ” button.
  4. Then come the “Place Order”Button and you can complete the purchase.

BlitzWolf BW-KC3 camera

15 gift ideas for young and old 2

Don’t be fooled by this product, it’s not a serious camera but a toy for kids. But that's good. The shape, like a regular Moroccan camera, can record 1080p videos and take photos. It also has a small display, and the 60x zoom is certainly not optical, so it also enhances the gameplay.

I dare recommend it because it seems like a pretty good game anyway. More and more children who live up to their creative desires by taking photos and making films, I think they have approx. It can be a great gift for HUF 9800. The manufacturer also includes a 16 GB memory card with the camera.

Use to purchase BG5781e4 coupon code here (Czech - CZ - warehouse):

BlitzWolf BW-KC3 camera

AOMEKIE 40070 Beginner Astronomer Binoculars

15 gift ideas for young and old 3

Not so long ago, I wrote a test on a stellar telescope made for beginners, which proved to be quite successful. I was very happy about that, because I think it's a good thing to give one of our children a gift instead of a thousandth car or baby. He’s not at all sure to hit him, he may not want to be an astronomer right away, but still, chances are he’ll spend more time outdoors and less in front of the monitor. And if it doesn’t work out, it can still be sold, as it’s not expensive and other kids might be happy for it.

Fortunately, there are still cheap binoculars in the Czech warehouse. This is not a frenzy either, but it is appropriate to study the moon or observe it on the ground (birds, game, etc.).

If a 30 thousand forint edition fits, then the BG4d8af1 using coupon code you can add it to cart here:

AOMEKIE 40070 Beginner Astronomer Binoculars

BlitzWolf BW-GC7 Gaming Chair - Updated Version

15 gift ideas for young and old 4

I will honestly say I don’t know how it got better than the previous version, I didn’t follow the development of this chair. It is certain that the manufacturer has changed and with a good chance of repairing, not deteriorating it.

As I have written several times, these chairs are not only worth thinking about for gems, I myself sit in gamer chairs for many hours a day. They hold their backs, have lumbar and thigh supports, plus they are not the foamy, too soft breeds that (supposedly) cause gold rush. I say I prefer the slightly harder seat.

As a matter of fact, these chairs are very cheap compared to domestic prices, for example, this piece is only 26 thousand forints. This is 40 categories in the lower voice at home. If you want one, use BGEUEASTGC71 coupon code here:

BlitzWolf BW-GC7 Gaming Chair - Updated Version

Douxlife DL-OC04 office chair

15 gift ideas for young and old 5

Let's not go any further, stay in the chairs! OC04 as it appears in an office swivel chair. There is nothing interesting in it, unless the price is, as we can buy it for less than 20 thousand forints. I can't even write anything else if you're looking for a cheap chair, you've found it!

Use to purchase BG8950ce coupon code here:

Douxlife DL-OC04 office chair

BlitzHome BH-AF2 oil-free oven

15 gift ideas for young and old 6

This oven also runs out as if it were a must buy. Let's say I don't admire, it's a really good piece. You can forget about the smell of oil, the oil vapor, the food will be fresh, crunchy, and finally not everything will eat, the smell of oil. Don’t confuse it with cheap ovens available at home discounts. For the same amount of money, it has roughly double the capacity, it has more power.

You can find my presentation in the videos on the store page, of course in Hungarian (about the smart version). Look, you'll see good stuff!

If you like it, use BGjoaoAF2 (or BG1111AF2, BGAF211, BGAinanas112, BGAF2PP, BGBHAF2CZ) coupon code, and for 26 thousand forints you can have the mechanical version here:

BlitzHome BH-AF2 oil-free oven

Deerma CM1910 vacuum cleaner

15 gift ideas for young and old 7

They are given inhumanly cheaply, there is not much of it, if you do not have to think much. The last price in the Chinese warehouse is 46 thousand forints, now we can pick it up from the Czech warehouse for 14.

It is a mite vacuum cleaner, as its name suggests. Its task is to clean and disinfect upholstered furniture. It sucks out mites and various allergens from the fibers of the fabric, and even sterilizes them with a UV lamp mounted on the bottom, destroying bats, viruses and fungal crumbs.

That's pretty much it, no coupons, it's a sale! Buy here:

Deerma CM1910 vacuum cleaner

Wanbo X1 projector

15 gift ideas for young and old 8

My love. I didn’t even sell it after the test, I rather gave it to my brother-in-law because it was so good for so much money that I didn’t have the heart to get rid of it. Although the resolution is HD only, the picture quality is such that few will notice that they are not viewing an FHD image. The brightness and contrast are very good not only compared to the price, but also compared to the much more expensive competitors, so I dare to recommend it to the living room projector for the living room with a good heart.

If you liked it, then a BG8ad0b5 You can add it to your cart for 30 HUF from the Czech warehouse with a coupon code here:

Wanbo X1 projector

BlitzWolf BW-CMM2 espresso machine

15 gift ideas for young and old 9

You can also find a video in Hungarian on the side of the store at this coffee machine, which was done by my modesty. This is not a professional machine, but rather an entry level, which, on the other hand, can be used to make great espresso coffee with a little care. Of course, pump pushes the water, it produces the pressure in it, we get an adjustable steamer, the amount of water can be adjusted. I won't say it anymore, watch the video and decide if it's worth 27 forints.

Use to purchase BGjoaoCMM2 (or BG4add16, BG1111CMM2, BG949120, BGCMM2CZEU, BGPLCZCMM2) coupon code here:

BlitzWolf BW-CMM2 espresso machine

BlitzWolf BW-WS03 weather station

15 gift ideas for young and old 10

Well, this is not a simple piece. It can measure not only outdoor and indoor temperatures, but also humidity, air pressure, wind direction and strength, and precipitation. At a glance, it's a semi-professional weather station, I know professionals could tie in 1-2 points, but let's face it, a full professional structure is already in the order of a hundred thousand, so they only ask for 40 with a coupon. So, something for something.

If you want more than an average weather station, if you want to monitor the weather in a given area in real time, even remotely, via your phone, then this is for you! Use to purchase BG259dbd coupon code (if that coupon is exhausted, the BG878020 code) here:

BlitzWolf BW-WS03 weather station


The best Xiaomi promotions from EU stock - August 1

Here’s an old friend of ours, Xiaomi’s great sound projector. The product is not fresh, it has been with us for about a year and a half, but this time has been really good for him. The quality has not changed, but over time the price started to lose strongly, so now it is approx. it costs as much as the noname speakers were when it came out, or as much as Redmi’s cheapest similar structure.

It is a relatively simple, yet showy piece that can be placed in any living room, under any flat TV, and will not stand out from nowhere for the sake of design. There are no less than 8 leather radiators in the box, four of which are active and four others are passive. You can input audio wirelessly via Bluetooth, and you can use a cable, SPDIF, line-in, or an optical cable.

The price of the speaker is a BGCZXMUW with a coupon code on the link below, it's only $ 22. So, if you want to get dirty cheap on a free Xiaomi soundbart, here is the option by clicking on the link below:


iMars J05 car starter battery

15 gift ideas for young and old 11

When should we buy one, if not when it is cold? In the summer, it doesn’t even seem like our car’s battery is running low. The weather is good, it's warm, it always starts in the morning. Yes, but the frosts come in the morning, and one morning when we sit in, the power left in the battery doesn't turn on the starter.

What does a prepared car do then? It takes out the external battery, connects it to the battery terminals and starts your car. Well, this structure is for this. Can be used for cars, 12 volt system. The manufacturer recommends its use up to 4000 cc petrol and 3000 cc diesel cars. That is, approx. will be equivalent to 95 percent of motorists.

Of course, there is also a coupon for this, from the Czech warehouse a BGb112c7 code can be purchased here for 15 thousand forints here:

iMars J05 car starter battery

BlitzWolf BW-TAP1 air purifier

15 gift ideas for young and old 12

I mentioned in the introduction that my favorite AP2 air purifier has run out, but there is another one here. For example, the small salt of AP2 is TAP1. This differs not only in size, but also in the fact that it cannot be controlled from a mobile phone. I note (as a routine air purifier user) that even though my air purifier knows mobile controllability, I haven’t opened the app on my phone since I set it up. There is no reason to push the phone.

So if you are in a smaller room, e.g. bedroom (up to 20 sqm) you want a quiet but effective solution, then buy this. The filtration capacity is the same as for larger pieces, only the capacity is smaller, meaning it can circulate less air per unit time.

Importantly, it is a battery-powered version, which means it can be charged via USB, and with a single charge (according to factory data) it can operate at the highest gear for 7 hours without a plug.

Fortunately, lower performance also resulted in a much lower price, a BGae60be You can get a coupon code from the Polish warehouse for HUF 15 here:

BlitzWolf BW-TAP1 air purifier


27 Christmas gift ideas far below 10 from EU stock! 12

I use a similar, just a little more expensive BlitzWolf, I like it. I sit a lot in front of the machine, sometimes it’s good to relax the muscles of my shoulders and neck with it. This stuff comes with four heads, its speed is adjustable in 6 steps, of course battery-powered. Two weeks ago I saw a similar one in ALDI for 12 thousand, so I thought it was 5173 forints for BGJMH156 (if sold out, with code BGJMC156) will be a good buy!

Buy here:


BlitzWolf BW-SH5 humidifier

15 gift ideas for young and old 13

This winter, BlitzWolf surprised us with a wide variety of humidifiers, the SH5 being the most serious of these. It has a relatively large space of 4,3 volts and can release 300-400 milliliters of water into the air every hour. After a short head count, this means it can run for about 12 hours on a single charge if you need to humidify it continuously.

As with the larger Blitzwolf humidifiers, we have a built-in UV lamp that prevents the growth of mold and fungal spores in the machine. The interesting thing about the machine is that it is very showy that it is also smart, that is, it can be controlled from a phone. Of course, you can also set a fixed humidity value that the machine can maintain automatically.

The price of the SH5 is slightly higher than that of its less capable counterparts, but that’s understandable somewhere. However, with HUF 21, they still do not ask for much. Use to purchase BG3b5856 or the BG90e342 coupon code here:

BlitzWolf BW-SH5 humidifier

Bakeey soundbar with subwoofer

15 gift ideas for young and old 14

We all know what soundbars are for. We can change the sound of flat screen TVs to the right with their help. This set is an entry-level package based on its price, as evidenced by its performance. Still, I thought it might be worth it for the duration of an offer, because on the one hand it seems practical, on the other hand, despite the low price, we even get a subwoofer in the package

The practicality consists of the fact that the tube part of the soundbar can be disassembled in the middle, we can put a foot on it and place it on both sides of the TV as a standing speaker. Not a bad idea! Of course, it has Bluetooth, but we can also output audio via analog and digital inputs.

Although it doesn't seem too strong, it is guaranteed to sound better than the TV, so I think the 26 forints requested for it will be a good buy. Use to purchase BG8ca9d3 coupon code here:

Bakeey soundbar with subwoofer


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At the time of writing, all products can be ordered from the EU warehouse (CZ, PL, ES or FR). Pay attention, if you run out of products from the EU warehouse, the link will automatically jump to the Chinese warehouse.

If you order from a Chinese warehouse, use the EU Priority Line shipping method, Banggood will say this is also duty free for arrivals after July 1st. For sure, you can calculate on a secure basis that you will have to pay the 399 HUF customs clearance fee when ordering from China! 

15 gift ideas for young and old 15

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